New Era Settler Mod 1.43

Restricts Settlers to each new era or extreme cost.

  1. 1.43

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.43: Corrected value in OP_SETTLE that prevented AI from desiring to settle. (Sorry!)
  2. 1.42

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.42: Resolved [Gameplay] ERROR: near "UPDATE": syntax error.
  3. 1.41

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.41: Corrects missing file names in .modinfo. (Sorry)
    Note: [Gameplay] ERROR: near "UPDATE": syntax error persists.
  4. 1.4

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.4: Revised database IDs to correct syntax error, and allow for better debug identification.
  5. 1.3

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.3: OP_SETTLE Reduced to 0 value and priority to eliminate AI desire to produce Settler units.
  6. 1.2

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.2: Decreased AI priority for building Settler units to minimum value.
  7. 1.1

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.1: Improve Settler sight range. Minor code syntax revisions.
  8. Updated to version 1.0

    Das Capitolin
    Updated to version 1.0
    Features: Settler upon new Era, Settler's cost 1000 to produce, Settler turns into Builder upon capture, AI restricted to one Settler at start, except Deity.