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  1. Megalou

    Settlers before Collective Rule on deity?

    Let's say you play deity and choose Liberty as your first social policy branch. Do you usually build a settler before you get the free one from the Collective Rule social policy? I myself have not done so in the majority of my deity games. The need for growth and other builds in the capital is...
  2. Thirteen 1355

    Adding two Humankind features

    Hey, it's been a while since I've last checked/posted here. Now that I'm back into Civ4 again, and I've been trying some Humankind (and found some cool features in it), I was wondering if I could add some of its features into Civ4. The two things I'd like to add (or get close to) are...
  3. R

    Miscellaneous Unit Pack 2021-04-08

  4. M Enemy settler vanishes when captured by settler - warrior escort formation *not a bug*

    I tried to capture enemy settlers by my warrior who was escorting another settler unit. Captured unit just vanished without the usual popup. I tried again from autosave and breaking the formation before capturing and it worked as usual. I declared war whilst capturing. If this worked, it might...
  5. King Phaedron

    How was Rome able to found the city of Palmyra? (Not a Bug)

    Hi, somehow Rome has founded a city only 3 tiles away from not one, but 2 other cities, one that he founded, and one that I gave him. The minimum distance is supposed to be 4 tiles. So we have City, Tile 1, Tile 2, City, Tile 1, Tile 2, City. Screenshots included. I am playing on a custom map I...
  6. Krzyszkot

    Only allow purchasing settlers with gold/faith

    I wanted to make a mod in which there would not be many cities and each new one would be a big thing. One of the things I want to do is to disable the ability to train settlers with production. To that end I've put the command MustPurchase="TRUE" in the settler line of Units.xml. At first it...
  7. W

    Lower Settler Production Cost

    I'm trying to make a unique unit for a civ that is a settler that can be produced faster than a normal settler. I'm not sure which value I need to change in the Settler xml file however in order to do this.
  8. M

    Settler Maps?

    Hey everybody, I wanted to know how to create settler maps that limit where a civ can settle in an era. I find it annoying how some civs settle around in very awkward unstrategic locations for a single resource or something that doesn't make any sense, esp. considering how they lose these cities...
  9. gunitinug

    building as many cities as possible early with mongols

    hello i'm trying to build settlers as fast as i can so i can have many cities as possible in the early game. to get a settler production bonus i'm trying to get two things: - colonization card by researching early empire - building ancestral hall on top of government plaza by researching state...
  10. Das Capitolin

    New Era Settler +Walls 1.60

    This mod slows the expansion of civilizations in early game by limiting Settlers and early city capture. A new Settler is granted at no cost with each new era. Cities will automatically receive Ancient Walls, and City-States will have improved walls. Settlers become Builders upon capture...
  11. TheyMadeMeDoThis

    What is your opener and why?

    Hey y'all, I tend to open most games with a scout > slinger > builder before moving onto expansion and buildings. I like to see what's around me (wouldn't want to miss the fact that shaka or ghengis are hiding out in the fog next to my next settle-spot....) so I can make plans as to how to deal...
  12. T

    Need help with settler mod

    Hello all, I am needing some help from fellow modders in making a settler mod. I am making a settler than is available at colonialism that can travel further and see further. I also want it so when it settles a city, it starts with 3 population and a monument and a granary. I already have it so...
  13. HungryForFood

    Worker Mountaineering (v 2)

    Worker Mountaineering Requires the Community Patch (steam workshop) When Dynamite is researched, Workers and Settlers, (as well as Pioneers and Colonists), will gain the Mountaineer promotion. They will then be able to cross mountains, and build roads, rails, and cities on them. Requires the...
  14. Shiroifushicho

    Limited Cities (Maximum of X)

    Hello there anyone that reads me, I am sometimes a bit doubtful about the concept of spamming cities in this game. Whenever it is AI or me going with the AI flow by trying to catch em up / prevent them to win. I play since civilization 1st and i am a huge fan of the serie, but that part really...
  15. snowern

    [BTS] Huge/Rainforest/Marathon/Settler Rapid Expansion+Research

    Assuming a rare cherry picked triple river gems start, what would be required to Lib Steam Power in the BCs with ~24 cities at that time? I'm trying to imitate Tristan_C's playthrough at https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/most-super-specialists-by-turn-500.562931/#post-14809407 which means...
  16. Durkle

    How to make a custom civ receive a free unit upon founding a pantheon?

    Hi everybody. First post here, and also my first time trying to make a custom civ. I've got a pretty good grasp on the xml side of things but trying to create a custom trait I'm finding to be pretty difficult. My trait says that the civ gets a free settler upon founding a pantheon, as well as...
  17. F

    [BNW] Modded game starting bugs

    Occasionally when i start Civ V games with mods installed, all of them quite popular so I don't think they are the issue, certain bugs occour. I have Brave New World, and Gods and Kings. The main one is the starting techs, Mining, Pottery, etc. take 81 turns to research, all other techs have...
  18. B

    Should You Move Your First Settler?

    I look into this question here and would love to hear feedback from all of you about my opinion and whether or not this is a good strategy.
  19. U

    [Civ VI] Super Settler (WIP) 0.01 2016-12-11

    Installation: Place in Mods folder, i.e.: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods Activate: Go to Additional Content and check off "Super Settler" This currently does the following: Starting Settler is now a "Super Settler" with 10 movement and 4 visibility...
  20. Machiavelli24

    Settlers Retreat 2016-12-04

    When a Settler is attacked by a hostile combat unit instead of capturing the Settler, the Settler runs back to the nearest city. This prevents abusive strategies around stealing Settlers from AI players.
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