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Nubian Middle Age Unit Pack 2016-10-05

Nubian Middle Age Unit Pack

  1. Bakuel
    Some flavor units for a Nubian civilization's middle ages. Based off of a description of the Nubian armies of late Antiquity, these units are somewhat accurate (besides the crossbowman of course). They could be used by scenario makers to stand for Blemmye or Nobades civilization or raiders. The zip includes both cavalry in native dress and one in early byzantine style armor as they started to adopt in the later eras.

    Animation directions are inside of the zip.


    1. nubianmiddleagespic1_yw1.jpg
    2. nubianhvycavalrybyzpic1_G65.jpg
    3. nubianheavyfootmanpic1_4nw.jpg
    4. nubianpikemanpic1_5ek.jpg
    5. nubianlongbowmanpic1_Nh9.jpg
    6. nubiancrossbowmanpic1_30i.jpg
    7. nubianhvycavalrynativearmorpic1_ZPN.jpg