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OBSOLETE: Civ 6 Mod Manager (Experimental) 0.7

Windows App to create Mod Sets automatically resolving mod incompatibilities, etc.

  1. PlotinusRedux

    Note: Link is for installer .exe. There is also a .zip version (just unzip to Program Files) available at https://github.com/PlotinusRedux/Civ6Mods/releases/download/v0.7/ModManager_v0.7.zip

    Now on github at https://github.com/PlotinusRedux/Civ6Mods

    Civ 6 Mod Manager v0.7 Experimental


    This is an experimental application to:

    - Create "Mod Sets", single mods that merge others mods together to attempt to resolve incompatibilities and provide single-click on and off for groups of mods;
    - Provide enabling/disabling of mods in a way that honors the <Blocks> element;
    - Allow hiding of mods that have been included in mod sets or that you just don't want to see in game;
    - Allow simplified viewing of existing mods with easy difference viewing of imported base asset files so changes can easily be seen.
    - Allow adding/removing active mods in saved games by editing their Mod Set.

    This experimental version is being released for testing to see if the auto-merging is accurate enough to be generally useful. While anyone is free to use it, the initial target audience is Civ 6 modders who may be able to help diagnose any issues they discover.

    Mod Sets

    To create a Mod Set, select <New Mod Set> on the main screen, enter a name, and add the mods you wish to include.

    For compatibility with some mods, it is a good idea to include DLC in the Mod Set.

    When you click OK, ModManager does the follow:

    - Adjusts the order of the mods you have selected such that any Referenced mod comes before any mod that <References> it;
    - Adjusts the order of components across all the mods based on <LoadOrder> followed by mod order;
    - Adds all the components to the new mod in order, copying and merging files as necessary.

    Dep and ArtDef files are merged automatically through code that understands their file formats, with the last component to modify a specific object (say, a UNIT_SETTLER) overwriting previous changes to that same object.

    An automatic 3-way or 2-way merge is attempted on conflicting Imported files depending on if they exists in the game's base assets folder (3-way if they do, 2-way if not). If a conflict that cannot be resolved automatically is detected, kdiff3 is used to manually resolve the differences.

    You can change the default behaviors of the merge or use your preferred merging program by clicking <Options> on the Mod Set window.

    You can edit Mod Sets. This will affect saved games using the Mod Set, so it can be used to add or remove mods from a saved game. Note this could be a bad idea for some mods, however--you wouldn't want to remove a mod that created the civ you are currently playing, for instance.

    Limitations/Future Work

    - Currently may not work properly with custom <Ruleset>'s;
    - Experimental version to see if it works widely and is generally useful;
    - Plan to have Mod Manager automatically recognize and offer to merge changes to included mods;
    - May expand View Mod to a full Mod Creation/Editing tool.

    MIT License

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Recent Reviews

  1. poundjd
    Version: 0.7
    Exlent Idea in general, when are you online?
  2. Regul
    Version: 0.1
    Great idea, can't wait to see totally stable version!