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Show Diplomatic Deals 1.04

Shows diplomatic and trade deals in the Gossip area with turns remaining.

  1. PlotinusRedux
    Shows diplomatic deals, denunciations, and trade deals in the Gossip area along with the number of turns remaining. I couldn't find this information anywhere else.

    Not compatible with other mods that also change DiplomaticActionlView.lua or DiplomaticActionView.xml.


    Note: Like all mods currently, it will only work with games you started with the mod activated--which is silly for a UI mod, but that's where we're currently at. If you want to use it with previous saved games, though, and are comfortable doing so, you can copy the 2 DiplomaticActionView files directly to Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Base\Assets\UI overwriting the existing ones, though you might want to back them up first, and Steam will probably revert them when the next patch is released.

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  1. DrMcKillenstein
    Version: 1.04
    I don't know how people play without this info.