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Ogre Warchief 2016-10-05

Ogre Warchief

  1. seZereth

    This is the Ogre Warchief for the awesome Fall from Heaven II Mod
    I share it herewith, but if you use it, credit me, because this unit was modelled and painted with passion.


    Spoiler :
    In human societies 'chief' often denotes a wise and revered leader. Ogres, however, respect only strength. Leadership of their cities can change in a single brawl. Actually, when these brutes begin to march on human cities, they can change leadership with a single brawl as well. One look at what the War chief does to the first defender will often induce all the back up to flee in terror.

    Strategy Text

    Spoiler :
    Good for crushing cities. Or other units. Or anything that needs crushing, really.