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Old Terra 2016-10-05

Old Terra

  1. lindsay40k
    This was a dreadful, dreadful mistake.

    I had the idea to take my New Terra Earth map, and delete all the Old World civilisations and have only indigenous American peoples playable.

    Then I thought, why make it easy for an American nation with Astronomy to go and grab a supply of Horses, Iron and Elephants? So, I filled the Old World with Barbarian cities. And everything else that's not part of the Americas.

    And put Holy Cities where they belong. You want organised religions, you go and get them.

    This is probably going to work horribly badly. I've no idea how Barbarians will tech when they have dozens and dozens of cities in prime locations. Montezuma will probably kick everyone's heads in whilst they desperately chase religions that aren't available. Just be glad the Wonders aren't all baggsied by Alexandria, Babylon, Paris and so on.

    If Huayna Capac turns out to be a monster on his fortunate geography, I may tinker to add the Tupi at the Amazon delta to fill South America a little more. I can tell you that if you find it annoying when Terra maps start taking a long time between turns, you'll be headdesking from turn 2 onwards.

    Civs present: Inuit, Barbarians, Sioux, Barbarians, Aztecs, Barbarians, Mayans, Barbarians, Incans, Barbarians. Did I mention Barbarians?

    If you're insane enough to want to play this map: download, unzip, find the Civ4BTS folder in your Documents, open Saves > Worldbuilder and drop it in. It will now be a Scenario you can play in single or multi. Make of it what you will.

    Map version 1.2: Incan start area redesigned, Holy Cities tweaked, Russian, Indian and Chinese geography tweaked, MOAR BARBARIANS. 15.Now.2012