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Over the Reich 3.13

A multiplayer scenario for ToTPP 15.1 by John Petroski & Prof. Garfield

  1. JPetroski
    A scenario for Civilization 2 ToTPP 15.1
    By John Petroski & Prof. Garfield


    “My personal message to you – this is a MUST – is to ‘Destroy the Enemy Air Force wherever you find them, in the air, on the ground, and in the factories.’”

    - Hap Arnold’s Christmas greeting to the commanding generals of the Eight and Fifteenth Air Forces, December 27, 1943

    It is May 30, 1942. Germany remains all-powerful and conquering. The Wehrmacht is trampling through the Soviet Union and Africa, and Great Britain avoids starvation by a thread as the Battle of the Atlantic is still very much in doubt. The Luftwaffe remains a seasoned and dangerous force over the skies of Europe, though it is showing signs of being overstretched.

    Despite being in their fourth year of war, German industry is still not fully geared for war production. Though the exceptionally capable Albert Speer has recently been appointed Minister of Armaments a few months back, there is still considerable work to do. The economy is not on a war footing – consumer goods continue to be produced in large numbers, few women are employed in the factories, and most factories don’t even run through the night. Considering that Germany now faces the combined weight and industrial capacity of the majority of the planet, this is simply unconscionable and must be immediately addressed.

    In the East, the titanic clash of dictators continues to wage as Germany and the Soviet Union bloody each other on the Russian steppe. The German summer offensive has recently started with the aim of capturing critical oil fields in the Caucuses, though one key city must first be taken to secure their flank: Stalingrad.

    Britain, for her part, has emerged from her “Darkest Hour” bruised but breathing, the RAF having saved the realm from the Nazi jackboot in the Battle of Britain all those years ago. Now, Arthur Harris’ Bomber Command raids the Reich by night, bringing terror, destruction, and more than a bit of payback to its cities. Tonight, air raid sirens blare as 1,000 bombers approach Cologne in an effort to wipe it from the map.

    For years, the Empire carried on the struggle against the Nazi Menace alone, but now, “God’s good time” has arrived, and “the New World, with all its power and might [has stepped] forth to the rescue and liberation of the old.” Even so, the United States has only been a combatant for six months, and has only the most fledgling nucleus of a command structure in Britain. It will take time for the Americans to build their strength, but when they do, it may well prove insurmountable—if their crazy idea to revisit daylight strategic bombing is plausible.

    Despite the best hopes and theories of air visionaries, the Allies cannot hope to compel Germany’s surrender from the air alone. Northwest Europe will have to be invaded at some point, and territory conquered to end the Nazi blight. This would likely prove impossible in the face of powerful air defenses, so the destruction of the Luftwaffe “in the air, on the ground, and in the factories” is the Allies’ prime objective.

    The Luftwaffe, of course, will have something to say about that…


    This is a Civilization Test of Time scenario designed to be played with TOTTP version 0.15.1 and Lua and as such requires the following:

    1. This scenario requires Civilization II Test of Time. If you don’t already have it, you may purchase it on ebay or Amazon.

    2. You must install the Test of Time v1.1 patch before installing this scenario. You may download it here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=59

    Note: For those users who have the "Sid Meier's Civilization® Chronicles" version of the game installed on their computer, you may use the " CivChroniclesPatch.exe" included in the ZIP file to install the patch.

    3. You must install version 0.15.1 of the Test of Time Project by TheNamelessOne. You may download it here https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/the-test-of-time-patch-project.517282/page-47#post-15089974

    4. VERY IMPORTANT: You must install the lua folder, which is included in the v 0.15.1 ZIP file (and which includes the civlua.lua, functions.lua and init.lua files), in the root directory of your Civilization Test of Time folder.

    5. The game has been created and tested on a 64 bit computer and therefore should work on both 32 and 64 bit computers.

    6. Download the scenario.

    7. Under your ToT directory, create (if you have not already done so) a folder called Scenarios. Do not put this in the Original, Fantasy or Sci-fi folders. It must be directly under the main Test of Time directory. VERY IMPORTANT: You must name this folder OTR.

    8. Inside the Scenario folder, unzip ALL the files you've downloaded into the newly created OTR folder.

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