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Over the Reich 3.13

A multiplayer scenario for ToTPP 15.1 by John Petroski & Prof. Garfield

  1. Onboard Radar Fix

    Fixes issue with onboard radar (small typo in lua prevented it from working).
  2. Historic Missions Update

    -Added all Historic Missions (Gomorrah, Schweinfurt and Regensburg, etc.)
    -Fixed bug where cities were deleting after certain number of turns, including Italian Theatre and Russian Front cities
    -Fixed oversight where some German cities started with food shortage.
    -Fixed oversight where Red Army improvement could be sold - now it cannot be sold.
  3. Over the Reich 3.11


    Changes after release.

    Changed the reaction priority function (something that could dictate the order of reacting units, but we never bothered to use) to be strictly based on the unit id, instead of a semi-random system there was before, since I received an error during testing. This should work, though I thought that the last time too.

    This will probably necessitate an update for everyone.

    Removed 109 from these two tables, to keep special target from disappearing

  4. Over the Reich 3.1

    Fixes events so that German freight train event works each turn instead of only the first turn.