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Pirates Mod v0.3 2016-10-05

This mod basically enables barbarian unis to be spawned in oceans more
realisticly. When examining the SDK code it turns out that the feature way
already available but was not taken advantage of since pirates were able to
build seafaring units but very, very slowly. Also if the mod is configured to,
some of the pirate ships will carry crews.

Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip this into the "civ4_install_folder\Mods\" folder.
2) Open the CivilizationIV.ini configuration file
3) Change the Mod line to read: Mod = Mods\Pirates Mod
4) Load the game.
5) Then play as normal.

-----Game Play-----
Spoiler :

- Makes the spawing of barbarian units in oceans more realistic.

- There is a chance that barbarian ships will carry a crew.

-----Notes to Modmakers-----

If you want to use the Pirates Mod in your mod I have tried to make
things as easy as possible for you. In the XML files modified sections are
enclosed by:
<!-- -->
<!-- Pirates Mod Start -->
<!-- -->
<!-- -->
<!-- Pirates Mod End -->
<!-- -->

-----Version Information-----


- Updated the code for adding crews to barbarian ships since the way it was
done originally does not work. Basically ships will just leave their crew
in the water if they are not explicitly loaded into the ship. Using the
COMMAND_LOAD doesn't work since canLoadUnit always returns false for
barbarian units.

Spoiler :


- Added the code that will add crews to barbarian ships.

- Added the configurable option allowing players to specify if spawned pirate
ships should carry units.

- Added the configurable option allowing players to specify the chance that a
spawned pirate ship will carry a crew.


- Setup Pirates Mod infrastructure

-----===Credits & Thanks===-----

- Exavier
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