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Production Queue 0.1.17

Production Queue
Version 0.1.17
Add queuing to the production management of your cities.

If you experience an issue with loading a saved game, please note it is almost certainly due to loading another mod which modifies the same files as Production Queue. Please see the section at the bottom of this page for additional information.

See the Updates tab above for more information regarding updates.

DISCLAIMER: This is an early version. It has been tested quite thoroughly, but it is impossible to be certain all possible situations were covered. If you experience an issue, please leave a comment here or open an issue on the GitHub repository for the project. Thank you for your patience and interest.

  • Download the mod and extract the contents to the Civilization VI Mods folder
    • Windows: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods
    • OSX: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods
    • Linux: /home/USERNAME/.local/share/aspyr-media/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods
  • Enable the mod in the Additional Content section of the main menu.
Actions when clicking an item in the "Choose Production" panel:
  • Left-Click: Add the item to the bottom of the queue.
  • Control+Left-Click or Middle-Click: Add the item to the top of the queue.

Actions when clicking an item in the "Production Queue" panel:

  • Left-Click and drag to new position: Move the item to the position when the mouse button is released. i.e. Drag and drop.
  • Double Left-Click or Middle-Click: Move the item to the top of the queue.
  • Left-Click and drag off queue: Remove the item from the queue.
  • Hover: Reveal reserved plot of placed item (district or wonder) on the map.

When you first load a new game with the mod enabled, the production queue panel will be visible by default to the left of a city's production menu. The panel can be collapsed by clicking the small tab on the upper-left. Using the controls listed in the section below, you can add/remove and manipulate production items in a per-city queue.

All types of production items are eligible to be added to the queue. This includes districts and wonders! When adding a district or wonder to the queue, you will choose a plot for it like normal. However, the actual placing of the plot will not occur until the item is in the top position of the queue. At that time, it will automatically place the item on the plot that was selected upon adding it to the queue. Anytime before it reaches the top of the queue, you are free to remove it from the queue and re-place it. But remember, as soon as it reaches the top of the queue, it will be placed and be permanent (as occurs when placing a district or wonder in the base game).

Districts and buildings that are prerequisites for other production items that are already researched (techs and civics) will unlock the next one. For example, you can queue a Commercial Hub and then immediately queue a Market if the required techs are researched. Continuing with this same example, the Market added below the Commercial Hub would be incapable of being moved ahead of it. In other words, the required order of the queue will be maintained. If you attempt to reorder an item in a way that would be impossible, it will move as far as it can before stopping. If you attempt to remove an item which is depended upon by other items below it, the removal will cascade and remove all items within the same dependency chain. In our previous example, this would mean that removing the Commercial Hub would also result in the Market being removed.

Units in a city's queue which become obsolete will be automatically switched to the unit that is replacing it. In the event the unit that replaces the now obsolete unit is ineligible for production, the units will be removed from your queue. For example: Your queued Warriors are forced to become obsolete upon learning the Gunpowder tech, but the unit which replaces them is the Swordsman which requires Iron. If you do not have Iron, the Warriors will be removed from the queue rather than being upgraded to Swordsmen.

Altered Game Assets
In case you are curious up front which game assets have been modified, here is a list:
  • UI\Panels\ProductionPanel.lua
  • UI\ProductionPanel.xml
  • UI\StrategicView_MapPlacement.lua
  • UI\SupportFunctions.lua
Mod Compatibility
Have you experienced as issue with loading a saved game using Production Queue? It is probably because you are also using another mod which modifies the necessary files for Production Queue to function. The list in the section above is comprehensive. If any other mod you are attempting to use also modifies these files, there will be conflicts resulting in issues with one or both of the mods.

Over the week that Production Queue has been released, it has become clear that the usual mods which cause issues with Production Queue are Divine Yuri's Custom City Panel and CQUI.

In the case of Divine Yuri's Custom City Panel, you're in luck! The two files which Divine Yuri's mod conflicts with are effectively unused by their mod. Divine Yuri himself has stated he is busy with midterms at the moment (hooray for being responsible and not letting Civ distract you from the real important things!). Another user has updated Divine Yuri's mod for the Fall 2016 official update which also restores compatibility with Production Queue. That update may be found here.

In the case of CQUI, it is currently not possible to make Production Queue work alongside it. The lead for the CQUI project has stated his interest in integrating Production Queue with it, so stay tuned into the CQUI thread!

Finally, it is always possible it is another mod which is conflicting with Production Queue. More often than not, this means it will not be possible to make them work together, as files included in a mod are usually important to the core functions of the mod. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is an inconvenience that is impossible to avoid.

Copyright 2018 Kevin Blease. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named
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Latest reviews

Even though Gathering storm has its own queue system, this mod queue is still superior. While it does not allow for multi-queue (which is not so useful to be honest, I'd rather click on individual city to see their yields n buildings Then decide on production), it does allow stacking buildings behind its prerequisites, unlimited queuing, and revealing of queued's district/ wonder location when hovering the mouse above them in queue, all without having to swap to a queue tab.

Hopefully it is still compatible to Gathering storm, and hopefully the official dev crew update their queue.
Although Gathering Storm introduced a queue and multi-queue system into the new expansion, neither of these queues allows you to stack production for multiple district upgrades (example: queue allows market, but not market, bank, and then stock exchange). This 'Production Queue' allows this.
Good mod saves my time.
It helps a lot with playability. Can't play Civ 6 without it anymore.
"Can´t live without it anymore" :)
Useful mod, helpful for putting production on cruise-control.
Not perfect, as it requires you clear/reset completed repair items from queue. Can be troublesome removing or reordering queue items.
nice and thanx
helps a lot :)
Still a Must Have!
Ooooh this looks like a godsend! Awesome, nice, simple, lovely design, fits the hud perfectly. Bloody useful.

Just one question - when I load the games saved before I installed the mod, the mod is not active? :(
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