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Promotion Flags EUI for VP v3

Shows unit promotions next to unit flags - updated for Vox Populi

  1. Update to version 3

    This update includes the following:
    • fixed bug that broke automatic grouping in certain cases
    • fixed bug that prevented tool tip simplification
    • completely reworked promotion grouping and promotion ordering; promotions should now be displayed usefully and consistently in most cases with almost no random ordering and a lot more grouping
    • updated / added compatibility with EEVP, MUC4VP, UCS and others
    Note: this mod is useful even if you don't want the little icons above the Unit Flag (just turn them off in the settings file of the mod folder by replacing every "true" with a "false"), because it orders promotions much better than "vanilla" VP and groups them as well as removes redundant text in promo tool tips and makes the promotion row in the Unit Panel scrollable.
    Version two was barely functional in terms of ordering especially, but also, to some extent, grouping, as there were many changes made to VP and other mods in the last few years and it was too much work for me to include in that version, but I've now taken the time to do it...this brings the mod fully up to date and makes it complete; I do not expect to publish another update unless something breaks due to changes in VP.
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