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[PYTHON] Top Civ Score Board 2016-10-05

[PYTHON] Top Civ Score Board

  1. Zebra 9
    Top Civ Score Board MOD COMP v0.1

    Version: 0.1
    Langages Used: Python, XML
    By: Zebra 9
    Multiplayer Compatible: Shouldn't affect MP games

    Only displays the top five scoring civs on the main interface. Now this would be great for any MOD that allows playing with more then 24 civs because you can limit the number of civs displayed on the score board.:goodjob:

    For MODers:
    The Number Of Civs That Are Displayed Is Controled By The Global Define MAX_CIV_SCORES, which if set to 0 (or anything less) turns this MOD COMP off.

    Thanks to cotdamn for the idea.:goodjob::cool::king:

    1) Unzip into "My Documents\My Games\Warlords\MODS".
    2) Load the game.
    3) Click on "Advanced"-->"Load A MOD"-->"Top Scores"-->"OK", the Game will restart.
    4) Now you can play as normal

    Enjoy! :goodjob:

    Discussion/Development Here