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[Python] zUnit Enslavement 2016-10-05

zUnit Enslavement v0.21

Patch Compatibility: 1.61, 2.00, 2.08, BtS (All Versions Of Civ 4 That Are worth Having)
Multiplayer Compatiblity: Not tested but should work

A basic Python component that allows you to set any number of units to enslave any
unit at any chance that you want. I made every attempt to make it as user friendly
as possible and I belive that anyone how has at least read the first 2-3 pages of any
good Python tutorial should be able to use it.

I have defined 3 basic functions to allow the user to interact with the Python
classes I created. I'm not going in depth here (I provided documentation) but the 3
functions that I defined allow you to set data on unit classes & unit types, as well
one that allows you to set a land and sea unit type for enslavement by any unit.:king:

Here are the instructions for instaling as a MOD:
1) Unzip into "My Documents\My Games\Warlords\MODS".
2) Load the game.
3) Click on "Advanced"-->"Load A MOD"-->"zUnitEnslavement", the Game will restart.
4) Now you can play as normal. :goodjob:

Instaling into a MOD takes only about 5 lines of code and copying a file into the
python directory.

Things Changed In v0.21:
Fixed the tech bug that prevented you from enslaveing under certain circumstances

Things Changed In v0.2:
I fixed a misspelling (thanks to strategyonly for pointing this out).
I added prerequisite and obsoleteing technology options.
I added new functions that allow you to set Land and Sea units seperatly or you can still use the setAllEnslave.
Changed the math after realizing that 0% actually meant 1% that is now fixed so 0% is 0%.

Well I did the whole thing but I would like to thank strategyonly for asking me to make this for him.
Thanks to Fabrysse for updateing this to BtS compat.:king:

Discussion Here:)
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