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Randomized Terrain Yields 2019-09-12

Terrain Yield Randomized

  1. Windflier
      You know the Grass tile always only provides +2 food, Desert Hill only provides +1 production, and a lot of Terrains doesn't even provide yield. It's always the same, pretty boring after years of playing, right?

      And now that boredom is no more. This mod complete randomizes the yields of every kinds of Terrain in Civ6. For example, you can get a map, where Desert provides +3 food and Plain Hill provides +1 production with +2 faith, or you can get a map where Snow provides +2 culture and Ocean provides +3 Science. It's all random, but consistent, for every tile with the same Terrain type.

      Something to know about:
      This mod uses the player's computer date for random seed, which means the random result will alway be the same if it's the same day with the mod actived.
    So if you started a new game, played it, saved it, and then loaded it in another day, all the Terrain yields will be different. If that happend, you can just change the computer date to the day you started that game, which is only needed when you load the save, and all the Terrain yields will return to the same.