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Rise of Darkness (for FfH2) 2016-10-05

Rise of Darkness (for FfH2)

  1. cyther
    The Rise of Darkness modmod contains a few changes and tweaks to the Fall from Heaven Mod. A brief list includes guardians for the lairs, a new shapeshifting civ, a new winged civ, node tile values and, the upgradable heroes modmod.

    Download Instructions:
    1)Create a copy of Fall from Heaven 2 inside the mods folder.
    2)Name it Rise of Darkness v.(current version number)
    3)Download Rise of Darkness
    4)Open the file using winzip
    5)Run then application

    Compatable with Fall from Heaven 2 .41b+

    Link to main thread

    Special Thanks to:
    Civ Fanatics'
    FfH Design Team
    Magister Cultuum (a number of the ideas are his)


    1. civ4screenshot0020_Q3m.jpg