Rosetta - Dynamic City Names 5/19/19 Bugfixes Version

Changes city names depending on their owner.

  1. Fixing Localization Bugs

    Fixed some Localization Bugs
  2. 5/19/19 Update

    Added language renaming for:
    Sukritact's Tibet
    Leugi's Haiti
    CIVITAS Romania
    Enigma's Cherokee
    Enigma's Cheyenne
    Enigma's Hawaii
    Merrick's Malta
    Merrick's Sicily
    Merrick's Bulgaria
    RFormica's Tatars

    Kabul will now use Persian Names
    SeelingCat's Rudrama Devi now will try to use Telugu names before defaulting to Hindi ones
    Sri Lanka will now use Tamil names as a backup rather than Hindi ones
    JFD's Ptolemy will now use Cleopatra's names
    Merrick's Kievan Rus will now use...