Saph's Luna Nova: Moon Terraformed

Saph's Luna Nova: Moon Terraformed v1.0


Saph's Luna Nova: Moon Terraformed

In an alternate universe, Earth's moon was terraformed into a barely habitable world by a precursor space-faring alien civilization, and life, rather than getting its beginning on Earth, was seeded onto the Moon.

Though terraformed, the Moon remains a harsh mistress, and it is up to you to guide your civilization to victory on Luna Nova!


Design Features

  • This map is created based on real elevation data of the Moon, gathered by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
  • The near side of the moon (the centre of the map) is relatively wetter and more habitable, whereas the far side is drier and more desolate.
  • Several natural wonders that would fit the moonscape have been placed on the map, or you can disable them all during game set-up.
  • YnAMP options allow you to customise the map to your liking. Want no rivers on the moon? No problem! Want to have randomised terrain features? Of course! Want to adjust the amount of resources? Go ahead!
  • This YnAMP-based map has map-generated river floodplains, so dam construction and flooding events are possible.


Map size: 84 x 54 (Standard)

Recommended number of civs: 8-14 Civs (The map itself does not limit the number of civs or city states you can have, so feel free to have as many or as few as you like!)

Required Mod: Gedemon's Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

Game Set-up

To play with advanced YnAMP settings, you need to
  1. Have this mod and Yet (not) Another Map Pack installed and enabled ingame
  2. Single Player --> Create Game --> Load Database (next to the BACK button) and wait for the game to load
  3. Once loaded, you will be back to the main menu
  4. Single Player --> Create Game (You should see a tick next to CREATE GAME at the top.) --> Choose Map Type --> Saph's Luna Nova: Moon Terraformed --> Advanced Setup

Recommended Settings
  1. Adjust the number of civs, city states & religions in the game to your liking.
  2. Manually pick the civs to play as/against or leave them random.
  3. Select Natural Wonders: Everything
  4. Rivers Placement: Choose Import for pre-placed rivers / Map Generator for randomised rivers / Empty for the harsh moon experience!
  5. Start Position Balance: Your own preference
  6. Natural Wonders Placement: Import for pre-placed wonders / Map Generator for randomised wonders / Empty for the harsh moon experience!
  7. Features Placement: Import for pre-placed woods & marshes / Map Generator for randomised woods, marshes, jungles & reefs
  8. Coastal Lowland: Choose Map Generator for random placement / Matching flatlands for more dramatic flooding / Empty for no lowlands
  9. Rivers Flooding: Choose Map Generator / Empty for no floodplains & flooding (and hence no dams)
  10. Resource Quantity: Your own preference (Resources are map-generated; this map does not contain pre-placed resources.)
  11. Start Position Link: Your own preference

Special Thanks

The creation of this Civ 6 map would not have been possible without Gedemon's YnAMP and Zobtzler's YnABMC and their posts on the Civfanatics forum.
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