Saph's Vortex

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Saph's Vortex

Welcome to the Vortex! It's a landmass that strangely resembles the logo of a certain game company...


Design Features

  • Randomised Options for Replayability:
    Rivers & resources are randomised each game (no pre-placed rivers). Terrain features (e.g. woods, rainforests, reefs, marshes etc.) are pre-placed, but if you want you can randomise them as well via an option during set-up.
  • All Natural Wonders:
    All 34 official natural wonders have been placed on the full map. (If you think that's too many, you can disable any of them that you don't want to appear during set-up.) There is also an option to randomise natural wonder placement, which supports wonder mods such as Terra Mirabilis.
  • Nena - 99 Luftballoons:
    Look no further for the mythical continent of Nena for the Luftballoons achievement. (Use a bomber class unit to detonate a nuclear device, as long as its base and 9 Observation Balloons are located on the continent of Nena at the time of detonation.)
  • Optional World Wrap:
    A set-up option is available to allow the map to wrap around the X-axis, meaning that you can sail directly between the Vortex's east and west sides.
  • Map generated floodplains:
    This YnAMP-based map has map-generated river floodplains, so dam construction and flooding events are possible.


Map size: 96 x 72 Huge. A 78 x 58 Standard section is also available for selection.

Recommended number of civs: 12-20 civs + 18-24 city states for the Huge map. (The map itself does not limit the number of civs or city states you can have, so feel free to have as many or as few as you like!)

Required Mod: Gedemon's Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

Recommended Mods:
  • Zegangani's Origin: Real Start Locations: This helps each civ get nice starting terrains favourable to them. Make sure you choose Random for Start Position Link during set-up!
  • Religion Expanded: This adds enough beliefs to vanilla's 20 so that you won't get locked if you are playing with more than 20 civs but haven't chosen a belief.
  • Prismatic - Color and Jersey Overhaul: This adds enough jersey colors so that you can play with more than 20 civs in one game. Otherwise some civs will get transparent colors.

Game Set-up

To play with advanced YnAMP settings, you need to
  1. Have this mod and Yet (not) Another Map Pack installed and enabled ingame
  2. Single Player --> Create Game --> Load Database (next to the BACK button) and wait for the game to load
  3. Once loaded, you will be back to the main menu
  4. Single Player --> Create Game (You should see a tick next to CREATE GAME at the top.) --> Choose Map Type --> Saph's Vortex --> Advanced Setup

Recommended Settings
  1. Adjust the number of civs, city states & religions in the game to your liking.
  2. Manually pick the civs to play as/against or leave them random.
  3. Map Section: Choose either the Huge or Standard map.
  4. Select Natural Wonders: Leave it at Everything / Uncheck the ones that you don't want to appear
  5. Natural Wonders Placement: Choose Import to have pre-placed natural wonders. / Map Generator for randomised placement.
  6. Features Placement: Choose Import to have pre-placed features such as woods and reefs. / Map Generator for randomised placement.
  7. Coastal Lowland: Choose Map Generator for random placement / Matching flatland for more dramatic flooding / Empty for no lowlands
  8. Rivers Flooding: Choose Map Generator / Empty for no floodplains & flooding (and hence no dams)
  9. Resource Quantity: Your own preference (Resources are map-generated; this map does not contain pre-placed resources.)
  10. Start Position Link: Choose Random to place civs according to their starting biases.
  11. Enable World Wrap: Your own preference.

Special Thanks

This map is obviously based on Firaxis's logo, and this mod is made possible by Gedemon's YnAMP & Zobtzler's YnABMC.
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