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What change does this mod make?
  1. Siege Towers require a Barracks or Stable before they can be built
  2. Military Engineers can negate walls when adjacent to cities (just like Siege Towers)
Siege Tower changes
Siege Towers are a huge upgrade compared to Battering Rams. But Siege Towers come so soon in the tech tree after rams, and barely cost more, that there is really no reason to bother with rams. These changes make it require a bit more of an effort to access Siege Towers. Civilizations that are willing to commit to an Encampment district will be able to access better support units and help them crush their foes.

Military Engineer changes
The mod makes Military Engineers function like Siege Towers. They can negate city defenses from walls or the inherent defenses cities get upon researching Civil Engineering. Unlike Siege Towers Military Engineers never go obsolete so you'll always have a way to bypass city defenses even in the late game.

Currently it is a common practice to for players to build a few Siege Towers in the early game and sit on them throughout the game. Now players can always access a unit that can negate city defenses, reducing the mental clutter in the game.
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