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In the twilight of Earth's great civilizations, we were chosen to venture to the stars in search of a new home. But we did not travel alone. As we slept, behind us streaked messages from Earth. Their dream that we would not let the light of humanity extinguish. When we awoke we listened to words spoken centuries ago. As we gazed across the vast space and time that separated us, we hoped that Earth still lived and that the words were not the echoes of ghosts.

Echoes of Earth is a total conversion mod for Rising Tide. It completely replaces the technology web, buildings, building quests, diplomatic traits, improvements, orbital units and more! The four design pillars of Echoes of Earth are:
  1. Remember Earth
  2. Play the Map
  3. Struggle to Survive
  4. Dynamic Decision Making

Resources and Links
  • Steam workshop page. You can also download the mod from there.
  • The official guide contains a complete overview of all the new features with pictures. It should be the first place you look for more information about the mod.
  • CivFanatics discussion thread.
  • Reddit discussion thread on /r/civbeyondearth
  • Development blog. Contains behind the scenes info and sneak peaks at future versions.

The Design Pillars of Echoes of Earth
1. Play the Map
Never before has the map been so critical in the choices you will face. What terrain and resources are nearby will determine what improvements you can make and what buildings are available. Specializing your cities to take advantage of the things they are uniquely suited to do will be key in growing an effective colony. Your technology and diplomatic trait choices will be shaped by what parts of your colony you want to benefit.

2. Struggle to Survive
Life is not easy on the new world. Energy will be scarce, Health will be a concern throughout the game and orbital units will require effort to sustain. Many yields are harder to come by. If your colony lacks for certain resources you will have to struggle to preserve with the constraint. The planet does not welcome you and survival will require foresight and cunning.

3. Dynamic Decision Making
No two games of Echoes of Earth will play out the same. From the moment you make planet fall you will need to form your strategy within the tools you have available. You will not be able to follow the same steps in every game. You will need to utilize your colony's strengths while mitigating its weaknesses. Even as your colony establishes itself on the new world its Affinity will shape its play style. Each Affinity has unique improvements, buildings and technologies that give it a fundamentally different play style than the alternatives.

4. Remember Earth
Earth did not forget you when they launched the great seedships. As we slept Earth sent messages -- the Signal -- in our wake. These messages contained all the information they could discover that would help us survive on this new world. Over the course of the game Earth's aid will help you survive on this new world. But as time goes on Earth will face its own trials and require our help! They did not abandon you, you should not abandon them! Can you save Earth from its fate?
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