Scrambled Australia [RF+GS+NFP]

Scrambled Australia [RF+GS+NFP] 18

An internally randomised map script of Australia based off the Outback Tycoon scenario map (from Australia DLC) that includes Tasmania and comes in two sizes: Tiny/Small & Large.

It is not a World Builder map but a map script developed from a Satellite image.

Now supports Gathering Storm's Climate system (notably river flooding) as well as Rise & Fall features (lots of reef).

Also playable on consoles/platforms like Nintendo Switch that don't support mods by using 2K cloud save!
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Latest updates

  1. Use Small Continents start parameters

    After running autoplay tests on Australia with Fractal map start parameters, I found there was...
  2. Fractal map start parameters

    Now that Firaxis have shipped the "final" update/patch for Civ VI I have re-examined the start...
  3. Minor landform adjustment on smaller map

    Flinders Island.
  4. Remove legacy floodplain logic from Outback Tycoon

    Minor impact to floodplains. It removes legacy code from Outback Tycoon that removed central...
  5. Updated Extended Great Barrier Reef

    Great Barrier Reef is now a completely independent mod. It can be used on any map along with the...
  6. GS + NFP Compatibility.

    Update to support GS Climate system - Volcanos, Flooding and Coastal Flooding and Submerging...
  7. Add Optional Support for Extended GBR

    Optional support for Extended Great Barrier Reef added as separate mod.
  8. More reef

    Add more reefs with a northern bias; adjust forest and jungle bias accordingly.
  9. Add Support For R&F

    R&F support.
  10. Added Advanced Map Options

    Advanced map options for World Age and Rainfall have been hooked up to the map script.

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É um otimo mod só falta colocar a grande barreira de corais e mais belezas naturais da australia
FYI I have added (optional) support for an extended Great Barrier Reef in vers. 12.
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