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Scrambled Australia [RF+GS+NFP] 18

An internally randomised map of Australia

  1. blackbutterfly
    An internally randomised map script of Australia based off the Outback Tycoon scenario map (from Australia DLC) that includes Tasmania and comes in two sizes: Tiny/Small & Large.

    It is not a World Builder map but a map script developed from a Satellite image.

    Now supports Gathering Storm's Climate system (notably river flooding) as well as Rise & Fall features (lots of reef).

    Also playable on consoles/platforms like Nintendo Switch that don't support mods by using 2K cloud save!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Vittor
    Version: 11
    É um otimo mod só falta colocar a grande barreira de corais e mais belezas naturais da australia
    1. blackbutterfly
      Author's Response
      FYI I have added (optional) support for an extended Great Barrier Reef in vers. 12.