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Skipper's Tweaks 1.4.1

This mod attempts to balance many lackluster options in Civ3, providing a more varied experience

  1. Update 1.4.1 Hotfix: UU Upgrade fix

    Hey all! I noticed with the 1.4.0 Patch (though this was likely an issue already) that many generic units weren't able to upgrade into unique units, instead upgrading into the unit after. I realized (with the help of Pelo McSoy) that Civ 3 has its own method of upgrading generic units to unique units and that when I corrected what I thought was an error I was actually creating one. Thankfully, I've fixed it now so all UUs should upgrade properly!
  2. Update 1.4.0: Now with enhanced graphics!

    Hey all! Before I turn you over to the patch notes, I want to announce that I've included both Balthazar's Nouveau Interface and Snoopy's Terrain within this mod! Combined, I think they make the game look truly special!
    Also, the changes listed here are purely gameplay changes, which I think are...
  3. Update 1.3.0

    Patch 1.3.0:
    - Leonardo's Workshop now boosts the production of the city in which it is built by 50%
    - All ships have had their movement points increased by 2
    - All transport ships have had their capacities doubled
    - Frigates have 8 Bombard (was 3) to make them on par with Cannons
    - Ironclads and Cruisers have 12 Bombard (was 8 and 6) to make them on par with Artillery
    - AEGIS Cruisers have 16 bombard (was 8) to make them on par with Rocket Artillery
    - Battleships and Rocket Artillery have 3...
  4. Update 1.2.0

    Patch 1.2.0:
    - Crusaders can now build Barricades as well as Forts
    - Arquebusier now has 3/5/1 (was 2/4/1) and now costs 45 shields (was 60)
    - Musketeer now has 3/6/1 (was 2/5/1)
    - Musketman now has 6/4/1 (was 5/3/1) and now costs 60 shields (was 60)
    - Rifleman now has 5/8/1 (was 4/6/1) and now costs 60 shields (was 80)
    - Line Infantry now has 8/5/1 (was 6/4/1) and now costs 60 shields (was 80)
    - Guerilla now has 10/6/1 (was 6/6/1)
    - Paratrooper now has 8/8/1 (was 4/6/1)
    - TOW Infantry now...
  5. Update 1.1.0

    Patch 1.1.0:
    - Renamed "Ancient Cavalry" to "Companion Cavalry"
    - Galley now has 2/1/3 (was 1/1/3)
    - Caravel now has 2/2/4 (was 1/2/4)
    - Galleon now has 2/3/4 (was 1/2/4)
    - Transport now has 3/4/6 (was 1/2/6)
    - Carrack now has 3/3/4 (was 2/2/4)
    - Bomber now costs 120 shields (was 100)
    - TOW Infantry, Rocket Artillery and Modern Armor now have 1 AA defense
    - Radar Artillery renamed to Rocket Artillery
    - Flak now has 3 AA defense (was 2)
    - Renamed "Musketman" to "Arquebusier"
    - Added Musketman...