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Smaller Landmarks for R.E.D. Modpack 2016-10-05

Smaller Landmarks for R.E.D. Modpack
for Civilization V
Shrinks resources, features, and improvements.

Intended to make the rest of the world mesh with the revised unit scaling in R.E.D. Modpack; however, R.E.D. is not required.

v4 Updated 5 Jan 2014; basically reverts to v2, now that Firaxis fixed the farm crash bug. The mod is now a single SQL statement.

v3 Updated 7 Feb 2013 to fix crashes related to farm graphics. The mod now includes "Improvement - Farm Replacement (v 1)" by whoward69, so you will notice the graphics for farms and resources that are improved by farms have been changed. Unfortunately, this is required to make Smaller Landmarks work without causing crashes.

v2 Updated 26 Sep 2012 to ensure this is loaded after R.E.D. Xtreme. Note that Gedemon's R.E.D. Xtreme addon scales landmarks (even smaller) for the extremely small unit scales that it applies, but applies only to the land animal resources, so the units in R.E.D. Xtreme without this modmod otherwise get lost in the wheatfields [though that might be considered a feature].
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