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Steampunk Victorian Interface (file 1) 2016-10-05

Steampunk Victorian Interface (file 1)

  1. Balthasar
    This is a full interface for Civ3 Conquests. Be sure to back up any files before you replace them. They would go in the file Civilization/Conquests/scenarios/[scenario name]/Art
    If you don't have a scenario yet that you want to put this in, there is one in the works: look here. If you don't want to wait (why wait?) or want to use it with a random map, use the editor in the Civilization/Conquests folder to make a new biq file, name it anything you want in the scenario/properties tab; then put these files into a scenario folder with the same name, and be sure that in the scenario/properties/search scenario folder it has the same name. Get it?

    This is file one of two.

    Thanks to Virote_Considon for rescuing these files for me.

    Two (of two), the World Setup and Player Setup Screens, are here.

    The Thread for this is here.

    If you want it less steampunk-y, try the new Age of Imperialism patch here.

    Edit 11/06/08: fixed mis-indexed arrows in Art/Diplomacy folder (found by Virote_Considon).


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