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Strategic Timber V. 1.05

Lumber Mills now have strategic value. Timber is a new resource required to build many units.

  1. Removed Timber requirement from some units

    Removed Timber requirement from Frigate, Privateer, and Biplane. This was done for compatibility with Strategic Industry.
  2. Timber can no longer be traded.

    Timber is now a bonus resource. It is still required to build units but it can't be traded. This is the only solution to prevent the player from taking advantage of the AI in diplomatic trade resulting from the excessive Timber quantities.

    Lumber Mill has been restored back to it's original yields and the adjacency restriction has been removed.
  3. Fixed river adjacency yield

    Fixed issue with lumber mill river adjacency. +2 production yield now shows up properly.

    Removed production yield from Timber because it wasn't applying to the cities. A resource needs to be on the terrain for the yield to apply. The way this mod works Timber is technically appearing in the city center and not on the terrain.
  4. Balancing adjustments.

    Balancing adjustments.

    Lumber Mills can no longer be constructed adjacent to each other. I found the Timber supply to be excessive.

    For this reason Lumber Mill Production yields have been doubled.
  5. Corrected Mod ID

    Corrected Mod ID.