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Tectonic Map Script (modified) 6 - VI

I forgot to add the text for Map Ratio option to the text file.
Also added "Random" option for Size Modifier, someone requested that.
I forgot to change the very bottom part of the code that affects start placement and force coastal start.
This version I added a couple new custom options to the map. Another value fine-tuning to make generation to favor more proportional land generation by default settings.

More custom options!
Map Ratio
Choose the map ratio that you prefer.
From proportionally squared for compact expansion, to wide rectangular map for far away expansion.

Map Ratio options
  • Squared - W: 90%, H: 110%
  • Squarish - W: 95%, H: 105%
  • Rectangular - W: 100%, H: 100% (default)
  • Wide Rectangular - W: 105%, H: 95%
  • Rectilinear - W: 110%, H: 90%
  • Random

Spoiler Examples :


Arctic Ocean Width
Adjust the width of arctic ocean rifts at the northernmost and southernmost edge of the map.

I've decoupled North & South ocean rift modifier value from Rift Width custom option, so you can choose the size of ocean rift on the arctic region, resulting in less chance of land sticking on the polar edge of the map.

Now Rift Width custom option only affecting random ocean between plates and also impassable rift on the easternmost and westernmost edge of the map.

Arctic Ocean Width options:
  • Tight
  • Narrow
  • Normal (default)
  • Wide
  • Loose
  • Random

Start Placement
Choose the regional division method that affects start placement for major civilizations and how AI will behave to the map.
So now you can decide if you want major civilizations to start together on the biggest landmass or spread out regardless of the land size (a la Archipelago map).

Start Placement options
  • Largest Landmass [Terra-style placement]
  • Any Continents [Continents-style placement] (default)
  • Start Anywhere [Archipelago-style placement]
  • Random

Also, I added a few more options for Continents custom option.

Continents options:
  • Stringy *NEW!*
  • Snaky
  • Standard (default)
  • Chunky *NEW!*
  • Blocky
  • Random
  • Like
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This version should have better generation results (but still random), and a couple of fixes.
I added the ability to generate more land and slightly fewer islands for smaller sizes (Duel, Tiny, Small), also the opposite for bigger sizes (Large and Huge) to have slightly less land and more islands.

I also added more options to this map script, such as:

Size Modifier
You can alter the map slightly by applying a size modifier to it.
It affects map size, and also slightly affects island, land, and plate generation.

Size Modifier options:
  • Compressed - 80%
  • Squeezed - 85%
  • Reduced - 90%
  • Smaller - 95%
  • Normal - 100% (default)
  • Plus - 105%
  • Extra - 110%
  • Super - 115%
  • Gigantic - 120%

Ocean Rift Width
In this map script, there's a value that determines how wide the ocean rift the map will generate.
So, I decided to play with that value and alter it by adding a multiplier to it.
Of course, this value alone doesn't determine how many ocean results it will generate, since there are other factors at play.

Ocean Rift Width options:
  • Tight
  • Narrow
  • Normal (default)
  • Wide
  • Loose
  • Random

I also added a few more options for gradual adjustment to already existing custom options, such as Sea Level, Islands, Land, and Plates.

Sea Level
  • Shallow *NEW!*
  • Low
  • Medium (default)
  • High
  • Extreme *NEW!*
  • Random
Islands options:
  • None
  • Few
  • Scattered
  • Standard *NEW!* (default)
  • More *NEW!*
  • Abundant
  • Random
Land options:
  • Few *NEW!*
  • Less
  • Standard (default)
  • Moderate *NEW!*
  • More
  • Random
Plates options:
  • Few *NEW!*
  • Less
  • Standard (default)
  • Moderate *NEW!*
  • More
  • Random
  • Like
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