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Tectonic Map Script (modified) 6 - VI

All credits go to @Haftetavenscrap who originally created this mod.
Original map resource link.

Modified version of Tectonic Map Script by Haftetavenscrap, and he already granted me a permission to improve this map.
Adjusted some values to cater my play style, so it will generate more wild continents and island chains.

GitHub repository
(for tracking changes and stuff.)

Generates a map based on global tectonics.
Maps are similar to a combination of Fractal, Small Continents, Archipelago, with added tectonic elements like mountain belts and rift zones.
Works best on relatively larger sizes, but also proportionally support lower sizes. This map has been optimized for Standard size.

Custom options:
Size Modifier

Alter the map slightly by applying a size modifier to it.

Map Ratio
Choose the map ratio that you prefer. From proportionally squared for compact expansion, to wide rectangular map for far away expansion.

Sea Level
With Tectonic, Sea Level changes the height of the water rather than the amount of ocean.

Rift Width
Adjust the width of random ocean between plates and also impassable rift on the easternmost and westernmost edge of the map.

Arctic Ocean Width
Adjust the width of arctic ocean rifts at the northernmost and southernmost edge of the map.

Plate Motion
Alters the prominence of mountain belts and rifts. Faster plate motion means higher mountain ranges and deeper ocean rifts.

Affects the shape of the continental land masses to have lakes and inlets.

Changes the amount of land on the map by altering the number of oceanic plates.

Affects the number of tectonic plates that will be used in map generation. More plates will result in smaller land masses and more intricate structures.

Force Coastal Start
Force every civilization to start on coast. (If possible)

Start Placement
Choose the regional division method that affects start placement for major civilizations and how AI will behave to the map.
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Latest reviews

I've been looking for something like this mod for a long time, thanks so much for posting it it's great!

In case anyone else has a similar issue: my first couple games froze then crashed during the barbarian turn like 40 turns in. I then installed the mod using the .civ5mod file insead of the text/maps folders and it seems to work now! Maybe just a coincidence or maybe not but there you go
Fantastic map script. I love the control you have over its generation.
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