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The Balancer Mod is here to add to and balance civ6. We want to expand the game in every direction, but keeping things interesting and balanced is difficult. So we are first expanding the game's resources.
Spoiler Full Description :
The Balancer is made to balance, enhance, and add to the game of Civilization 6. It is a work in progress, only an infant right now and suggestions of all kinds are welcome. The balance comes from first increasing the generation of FPG and the costs associated with those resources to add granularity. This granularity is used to make everything more distinctive, and not +1 to food, yay. This also helps with additional resources, techs, eras, you name it. As the more you add, the more things can get washed out. These new values will be an adjustment for any player. Seeing +20 gold at the onset of the game may make you think this is a bit too much, but when you realize that buying your first tile is 250 gold or buying your first building is 1000 gold that realization quickly goes away.

Find us on Discord and let us know your thoughts, good bad, or ideas to make it better.

What it effects:

Every aspect of the game that has anything to do with Food, Production, or Gold (FPG). Trade, maintenance, tile purchase costs, adjacency bonuses, etc...

Science, Faith, and Culture (SFC) aren’t affected. They will be in the future, but I am trying to take this in as small of chunks as possible.

What it doesn't effect:
Nearly every aspect of the game is touched by the mod, as time goes on they will be adjusted more individually. First, by methodology and then individually themselves. For example, I want the religions to be more realistic and more important to the game, not just a way to get a boost. As those are adjusted, individually the beliefs will be balanced accordingly, down to the FPGSCF levels.

Another example is early science. Mankind did not start learning when they built a library, nor by going to the pasture or whatever. They leqarned by necessity, this is one aspect that will completely alter the early stages of the game.

What it changes:

- First and foremost: All food, production, science, culture, faith and gold values and costs have been increased by, between 4 and 5 times. This means that grassland provides 8 food, and citizens eat 10 food for example. *NOTE The next version will alter this considerably. Mankind's first steps were a struggle, for everyone and this will be represented, don't worry though, the goal is still fun.

- District costs have NOT been adjusted, this was intentional. Districts, are more restrictive than strategic, so the idea here is to help balance that out. So you can’t build them like crazy, but they are more feasible, for a smaller empire. They add to the wider, not taller concept and both types of nations should be feasible.

- Usable Mountains: This is functioning at about 90%, the only big issue I could not get working is adding an improvement by builders, so you cannot yet build mines. Russia and Petra's affects have been extended to Tundra and Desert Mountains as appropriate..

- Added many of the hills resources, but not all to the mountains, which may dork things up now that you can't build mines on them, so i may remove this temporarily in the next version. Update: most of the resources have been removed from the mountains, until such a time as workers can build improvements on mountains.

- Added forest spawning on many of the mountain types as well

- Coasts have been adjusted slightly to show how well they are for settlements. Next will likely be adding to the FPG values for coasts and oceans (and probably resources) to make them more hospitable. This will likely change int eh next update.

- Tried to adjust to have more and longer rivers, not sure how that is going. Note: Looking to include Seven05's map/scripts in the next version.

- District Population Requirements were reduced to 2 (from 3)

Known Issues:

Cannot Build Mines or Quarries on Mountains (so this has been disabled for hte time being). Everyone can enter mountains, looking to restrict this and move back who and when for the next version of the mod.

Starting Gold has now been adjusted and will likely be further adjusted.

Due to the current incompleteness of mod support you will need to restart the game between each new game or reloaded savegame for game text to display correctly.

What’s next:

- More Balance, More Changes, More Everything.

o I conceptualize wonders fitting in their respective districts, great wonders having their own tile and being ramped up a bit, national wonders making a comeback and I am thinking of regional wonders, (ones which only those in their region can build, region as in real world region, not ingame region). This might cuase some imbalance depending on who is included int eh game, so perhaps not.

o Governments are lackluster, they should have more uniqueness and there should be more of them

o Civilization traits need to be expanded upon (you know when I can get that working)

- Complete rewrite fo the tech Tree and what we are now calling the Society and Culture Tree

o We are looking to include great work from other modders, to make sure we are doing this right, we will be asking for permission unless clear statements have been made allowing modder use explicitly. As Such MOAR Units is already included. We have been working with Horem (Test of Time Modder) a lot, so don't be surprised if some of his ideas work there way into our mod, he has some great ones.

o More eras, both future, past, and in between

o More techs…way more techs...

o More Civics, see above.

So if you have suggestions or want a certain mod included, let me know, or link me to it and I will get in touch with the modder to request approval. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

I have started a discord discussion about the mod, feel free to join us.

Spoiler Installation :

## Installation Instructions

1. Unzip the zip file to your Mods directory (.../Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/).
2. The contents of the MOAR_Units_Assets subdirectory should be copied into your Civ VI game root directory (e.g. .../steamapps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization VI) overwriting any existing files to add the new art references. You should probably backup these files first - use at your own risk! This is only necessary since we don't know how to release modified artdef files in mods yet - once we do it should be possible to repackage this as a proper mod.
4. Enable The Balancer via the checkbox under Additional Content.

If you don't see the new art assets in the game then you probably haven't copied the files from MOAR_Units_Assets correctly. The files that need to be in place within the game directory for the current version of Moar Units are:

../Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Base/Civ6.dep (overwrite)
../Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Base/ArtDefs/Units.artdef (overwrite)
../Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Base/ArtDefs/Units_Moar.artdef (new)
../Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Base/Assets/UI/Icons/Icons_Units.xml (overwrite)
../Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Base/Assets/UI/Icons/Icons_UnitPortraits.xml (overwrite)
../Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Base/Assets/UI/Icons/Icons_UnitFlags.xml (overwrite)
../Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Base/Assets/Text/en_US/MOAR_Units_GameplayText.xml (new)

Additional Known Issues
Due to the current incompleteness of mod support you will need to restart the game between each new game or reloaded savegame for game text to display correctly.
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