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The Balancer 0.18

Balancing Civ6, while adding lots more!

  1. The Balancer 0.18

    Major Update!

    First allow me to apologize I was writing up a formal description of all of the changes, but my computer ate it, so I will add it sometime tomorrow.

    - Usable mountains are still in the game, but there are several areas where they do not function properly, most of these are annotated in the game.

    - Added 3 mods: Additional Buildings, Wondrous Wonders, and we still have MOAR Units. Thank you to Horem, Magil, and Deliverator.

    - Additionally, added 17...
  2. The Balancer 0.17.81b

    This is to fix the mistake I made with terrains last night. This should fix growth, and put usable mountains back in.
  3. The Balancer 0.17.8b

    This address early growth a little and the tech and civic rates as well, especially the earlier ones.
  4. The Balancer 0.17.7b

    This fixes the Base City Tile. It should now produce at least 10 food and 10 production regardless of terrain (though Mountain settlements have not been given this). Resources will raise this above the normal amount (perhaps flood plains too, as I haven't tested those yet).

    *Special Thanks goes out to Horem, this wouldn't have been done or been done right without him.

    This should help alot.

    The next thing on the agenda is to add a starting era's amount of techs and civics, and perhaps...
  5. The Balancer 0.17.5b

    This only updates the Petra wonder to add the Desert Mountains to its effect. Small update, however, it took a lot of effort. can't wait for that SDK.
  6. The Balancer 0.17.4b

    Can't believe I did that.

    I put 'AMOUNT' instead of 'Amount' in the .sql file for the ModifiersArguements.

    Sorry about that. Looks like everything's working now. On to Petra
  7. The Balancer 0.17.3b

    Fixed a few typos
    Added Tundra Mountains to Russia's Trait

    To Do: Add Petra's abilities to Desert Mountains.
  8. The Balancer 0.17.2b

    This is a small update, but it will alter the game alot.

    I essentially messed up the modifiers table, this fixes that, so it will fix 225 items that weren't working as intended.
  9. The Balancer 0.17.1b

    Minor update to the StartEra file, it was giving the faith bonus for starting in the medieval era in the Ancient Era. So if you like founding a pantheon at the beginning of the game, go for it.

    Otherwise, update if you like.
  10. The Balancer 0.17b

    host of updates:
    Version 0.17b Changes:
    • Added changes to the Science, Culture, and Faith income, costs, and expenses.
    • Lowered the values on Mountains for now, this is to address the issues with governors switching to mountains and starving the cities
    • Removed Resource from mountains, this is to address the inability of Builders building improvements on mountains
    • Added +6 Food to the Palace, this is to address the inability to modify the base city tile
    • Added...
  11. The Balancer 0.16b

    Okay, this version adds MOAR Units by Deliverator! I love it when a modder gives broad consent to other modders.

    As such there are now additional instructions to see the graphics from the new units.

    ## Installation Instructions

    1. Unzip the zip file to your Mods directory (.../Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/).
    2. The contents of the MOAR_Units_Assets subdirectory should be copied into your Civ VI game root directory (e.g. .../steamapps/common/Sid Meier's...
  12. The Balancer 0.15b

    Forgot to include the removal of snow on the coast, allowing you to get around continents and islands, regardless of map settings.