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The Balancer 0.18

Balancing Civ6, while adding lots more!

  1. The Balancer 0.17b

    host of updates:
    Version 0.17b Changes:
    • Added changes to the Science, Culture, and Faith income, costs, and expenses.
    • Lowered the values on Mountains for now, this is to address the issues with governors switching to mountains and starving the cities
    • Removed Resource from mountains, this is to address the inability of Builders building improvements on mountains
    • Added +6 Food to the Palace, this is to address the inability to modify the base city tile
    • Added all the adjacency bonuses, as I was missing most of them.
    • Added the Defense bonus to mountains, somehow I forgot to put it in, it is a 5, vs the hills 3
    • Added City State annex tiles with gold and such, hopefully this will help them expand
    • Removed Ice from being allowed on Coast, I think that was this version, but this is to address lots of maps being unable to circumnavigate the world
    • Fixed having more rivers, at least on my test maps so far it seems so
    • Changed the Aqueduct to require on 2 pop and grant 4 pop max, this is to address the aqueduct taking up an entire plot now.
    • Changed Boosts to only 25% for civics and technologies, wish I could make it change based on who many people has the tech/civic already
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