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The Balancer 0.18

Balancing Civ6, while adding lots more!

  1. The Balancer 0.18

    Major Update!

    First allow me to apologize I was writing up a formal description of all of the changes, but my computer ate it, so I will add it sometime tomorrow.

    - Usable mountains are still in the game, but there are several areas where they do not function properly, most of these are annotated in the game.

    - Added 3 mods: Additional Buildings, Wondrous Wonders, and we still have MOAR Units. Thank you to Horem, Magil, and Deliverator.

    - Additionally, added 17 Technologies to fill out the Ancient era, things get a little wonky around where the new techs meet the old ones, but that is because the AI was beelining for things so I added some less than sensical prerequisites until I can fill it out more.

    - Modified Many of the Wonders to not be their own district, removed a few of the terrain or feature requirements as well. the next version will see the Wonders that are still their own districts improved.

    - There is now a power struggle between the slinger and the archer to represent the real struggle, until the composite bow settles that dispute (Added Composite Bowman as an upgrade to both).

    - The early tech tree looks bare, but it is not. the technologies themselves provide the upgrades in most cases. I am adding more buildings in the future.

    Issues of note:
    - None of the new techs have proper icons/graphics or civilopedia entries, these are coming
    - The composite bowman uses the Archer graphics until I can find more appropriate graphcis.
    - Mountains still aren't fixed and I discovered that the modifiers that work on the rest of the terrain do not work on the mountains, this is annotated in the proper places to make sure you know during the game.
    - I adjusted the start date to 12000 BCE but the date still shows 4000, this will throw off the scale of the turns.
    - There are probably a few more, but it is late, and I already wrote this and my brain is refusing to cooperate.

    If you discover something that you believe is a bug or that seems unbalanced, please let me know either here or on the Discord channel. Also if you would like to help in any way, even if it is just testing or brainstorming, please drop by the discord channel.

    Special thanks to Horem for helping me get this far. And also to the testers and researchers who have been helping: They were named in the last one and I will make sure on the next one. Thank you and good night.
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