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Time Machine Spaceship Alternative 2016-10-05

Time Machine Spaceship Alternative

  1. Balthasar
    Tired of blasting off into space at the end of every game? How about traveling through time instead? In this download are all the files you need to change the 'spaceship victory' in your mod or scenario into a 'Time Travel Victory'!

    The Download includes the whole Spaceship folder, pedia icons, wonder splashes, large and small buildings files, civilopedia and pediaicons sample texts, and a GIMP originals file (for GIMP users). Also included: poorly written instructions and fun facts in the README file (some assembly required).

    Visit the Time Machine thread: Click Here.


    1. tm_wonder_VXK.png
    2. tm_banner_splash_P4v.png
    3. time_machine_complete_in_game_1OW.png
    4. time_machine_parts_splash_oOX.png
    5. Future Room Empty.png
    6. TM Background 2011.png
    7. TM Background.png