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Tomatekh's Sumer for VP 12

Adds the Sumerian civilization to the game. Balanced for Vox Populi

  1. happiness update

    Updated happiness on the unique building (new VP updates reworked happiness reduction amounts)
  2. Text Update

    fixed missing mention of the Amber resource on the Ziggurats.

    Slight nerf to Enki (removed +1 food and +1 production)
  3. re-upload sanity check

    re-upload sanity check
  4. bug fix for ziggurat

    bug for ziggurat. resolved
  5. ninja edit

    minor fix to onager wagon and ziggurats
  6. Sumer update

    Moved Onager Wagon to Animal Husbandry (same tech as chariot archer, which was moved recently)
    Changed ziggurat religious unhappiness and distress on Utu, so they are in line with current changes to how unhappiness is calculated (changed to -25 from -10)
    Cleared errors in logs associated with old, deleted ziggurats
    fixed error with Nisaba, Inzak and ninhursag (+1 faith on specialists wasn't working)
    fixed text glitch on Vulture, and fixed some text errors in the Eannatum civilopedia
  7. bug fix update

    minor lua bug fix
  8. balance update

    reduced build cost on vulture
    bugfix for city capture on ziggurat
    reduced food/production on settle
  9. Lua fix and Balance patch

    Bug in lua prevented Sumer from being savegame compatible
    Minor text tweak

    Balance adjustments
    - increased food and production on settle to 60/60
    - boosted Ziggurat of Inanna (10 GAP and Faith on citizen birth)
    - reduced base science on Ziggurat to +1
    - reduced base science on Eduba to +1, and increased base food to +2
    - reduced Science on birth on Eduba to +7
    - reduced construction cost of Ziggurat to 150
  10. slight nerf and text fixes

    slightly adjusted text, and small nerf