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Tomatekh's Sumer for VP 18

Adds the Sumerian civilization to the game. Balanced for Vox Populi

  1. UA fix

    removed scaling from UA
    altered lua which enables UA's firing
  2. UA text fix

    updates UA text
  3. VP 03-17 compatibility

    VP 03-17 compatibility
  4. ziggurat rebalance

    nerfed Ereshkigal and Dumuzid

    Text changes for Ziggurat strategy section
  5. ziggurat event fix

    Text fixes for the ziggurat events
  6. Bug fixes

    fixed bugs with Ziggurat events
  7. Minor vulture update

    Vultures now gain food on kills
  8. Balance Overhaul

    Changed UA to science + production
    Ziggurats now can be chosen
    Removed free movement on reivers from Vulture, increased CS and cost
    Fixed Grand Temple bug
  9. happiness update

    Updated happiness on the unique building (new VP updates reworked happiness reduction amounts)
  10. Text Update

    fixed missing mention of the Amber resource on the Ziggurats.

    Slight nerf to Enki (removed +1 food and +1 production)