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UI - Promotion Tree 17

WHoward69's UI - Promotion Tree mod, updated to work with EUI as well as the unmodified game.

If using EUI, it is now accessed via this new button in the diploCorner:

If a unit is selected when the button is clicked, it will show the promotion tree for that specific unit:

If there's no selected unit, it will show the promotion tree for the unit class selected on the drop down:

If you want to view the promotion tree for a specific unit class even when there is a unit selected, click the Switch Mode button, or press the 'S' key. Press it again to switch back to the tree for the selected unit. If no unit is selected, the button will not be available.

The ability to click on a promotion in the Unit Panel to bring up the tree, is no longer available.

Many thanks to WHoward69 for allowing this update to be posted.
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