UN Earth Pack with TSL [RF+GS+NFP] 4

Scrambled maps of the Azimuthal Equidistant Projection of Earth in the United Nations flag.

  1. blackbutterfly
    Randomized map scripts of the Earth on the United Nations flag: an Azimuthal Equidistant Projection (AEP) of Earth.

    The map is approx. 70% water. It includes a Saharan, Arabian & Australian desert, an Amazonian & Sub-Saharan African rain forest and an inhabitably frozen Antarctica.

    (Not World Builder maps, these are true randomized map scripts developed from the real landform of Earth AEP).

    Support for Rise & Fall (reef), Gathering Storm (volcanoes, geothermal fissures, ice melt, coastal flooding and notably river flooding) as well as Standard Rules. New Frontier Pass is supported with Ley Line generation for Secret Societies and true start locations for the new civs and city states.

    1. The Old World (AEP)
    2. The New World (AEP)
    3. Oceania (AEP)
    4. TSL Oceania (AEP) - for Gathering Storm only.
    5. TSL New World (AEP)
    6. TSL Old World (AEP)
    7. United Nations Earth - (198x199) UNSUPPORTED (due to map size. See Bug Report).
    For an entry level games machine map generation times:
    The Old World: <5 mins.
    The New World: ~2 mins.
    Oceania: ~1 min.
    Save game load: ~1 mins.

    True Start Location (TSL)

    Currently TSL for Oceania (Gathering Storm rules only), the New World and the Old World. Though UNSUPPORTED it is a check box in Advanced Settings for the United Nations Earth map.

    Please post any bugs in the discussions.
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