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[Warlords] GP Trickle Mod v0.3.2w 2016-10-05

The GP trickle mod randomly determines the primary trait for leaders in the
game and will use the primary trait to positively influence the type of great
person that is generated in the leader's capital. So for instance creative
leaders will spawn more great artists, spiritual leaders will spawn more great
prophets, industrious leaders will spawn more engineers, etc.

Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip this into the "warlords_install_folder\Mods\" folder.
2) Open the CivilizationIV.ini configuration file
3) Change the Mod line to read: Mod = Mods\GP Trickle Mod
4) Load the game.
5) Then play as normal.

-----Game Play-----

- Randomly pickes one of the two leader traits randomly and uses it to
influence the type of great person that will be generated in their capital

- Several configurable options:
- Mappings for Leader traits to great persons
- Number of extra great person points
- Extra great person points in the leader capitals or throughout their empire
- Ability to require that great person points in their corresponding catagory
before giving the extra great person points.

-----Notes to Modmakers-----

If you want to use the GP Trickle Mod in your mod I have tried to make things as
easy as possible for you. In the XML files modified sections are enclosed by:
<!-- -->
<!-- GP Trickle Mod Start -->
<!-- -->
<!-- -->
<!-- GP Trickle Mod End -->
<!-- -->

In the Python files I have added #< GP Trickle Mod Start > and #< GP Trickle
Mod End > in all of the places that I have made changes to the original files.

All I ask is that you give me credit.

-----Version Information-----


- Updated all code to be compatible with Warlords v2.0.0.0

- Added the missing traits to the configuration file.

Spoiler :


- Fixed the bug pointed out by OzzyKP, the great person points were being
handed out correctly but the chances that the particular great person for the
points given was not updating correctly.

- Fixed a bug pointed out by Jeckel that was caused due to the SD entity data
not being initialized correctly.


- Fixed the bug pointed out by OzzyKP causing the great person points to
increment on each game slice.


- Inital setup of the mod infrastructure

- Setup the "GP Trickle Mod Config.ini" file and added the default values for
each leader trait.

- Added the option allowing players to require that at least one great person
point for the civilization leader's primary trait be generated to give the
extra great person points.

- Added the option allowing players to specify if the extra great person points
based on their civilization leader's primary trait should be given to all of
their cities or to just their capital city.

-----===Credits & Thanks===-----

- Exavier
[TAB]Composite Mod - readme.txt format

- OzzyKP
[TAB]For proposing the idea and testing the resulting mod

- Shqype
[TAB]For testing the mod and pointing out that a plus size version of the
[TAB]mod is needed

[TAB]SD Toolkit

- Dr Elmer Jiggle
[TAB]For providing the INI file parser code allowing for players to
[TAB]customize this mod without having to touch the python code!!!
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