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[Warlords] Tech Tree Editor v0.6.2w 2016-10-05

Civ4 is touted as one of the most modable games out there today. Though, at
minimum to mod Civ4 you need to know how to edit XML files at the worst you
need to know how to edit C++ and compile the SDK files. Unfortunately the game
was shipped without an editor, this mod is the first part of an in-game editor
that will change this.

-----Usage Instructions-----

See readme.html for usage.

-----Version Information-----


- Removed the apply button since it is no longer needed and since using it
would take a long time to respond.

- Added a close button in place of the apply button that hides the tech tree
editor window.

- Fixed the images for the prereq "OR" techs so they will show up like the
images for the prereq "AND" techs in the tech editor.

- Fixed the issue where a new tech with the name of a deleted tech could not
be added.

- Added the missing code to write out unit infos when a prereq tech for a
unit is deleted

Spoiler :


- Fixed the code that displays the AND prereq tech images. They were being
"grayed out" when a new tech was added.

- Added the ability to remove techs from the game through the tech tree editor.
When a tech is removed through the tech tree editor all of the XML files
affected will now also be written out.


- Fixed the CvTechChooser screen so updates made to techs through the tech tree
editor are reflected immediately. Reported by Aussie_Lurker.

- Updated the arrow drawing code to use predictable names instead of the
getNextWidgetName method.

- Fixed the arrow drawing code to allow the redrawing of arrows when a tech is

- Added the SDK code necessary to dynamically add techs into the game. Updated
Tech Tree Editor screen to allow adding of techs dynamically.


- Added the tech image to the tech name bar in the tech editor as a button to
allow changing of the tech image. As long as the new path to the image is
within the assets directory or is a full path the tech editor will be able to
understand how to load the picture.

- Added the code to copy new tech images to the edited file directory.

- Fixed the issue where the "Technology Advisor" was not being updated after a
change to one or more techs was made in the "Tech Tree Editor". Reported by

- Fixed the issue where "OR" tech prereq images were being greyed out when a
value in the "tech editor screen" was changed.

- Added a popup informing players when files are saved or not saved. Requested
by Jeckel.


- Integrated Dr Elmer Jiggle's event manager and INI parsing code.

- Added the configurable option allowing mod makers to change the location
where the resulting CIV4TechInfos.xml file will be saved. So if the default
value is left to "Test" then the CIV4TechInfos.xml file would be written in a
directory called "Test" inside of the Tech Tree Editor mod folder.

- Added the configurable option allowing mod makers to indicate if the assets
directory structure shouldn't be created at the directory specified by the
"Save Directory Location".

- Rewrote the entire tech editor since the tech editor pane caused the whole
editor to load up very slowly. As part of the rewrite most of the individual
components have been moved into a table.

- Add code to create the correct directory structure in the configured
directory. Also added the code to write out the technology info XML file.


- Setup the Tech Tree Editor infrastructure

- Updated the CvTechInfo class with "set" methods for all of the appropriate
variables that can be set in the CIV4TechInfos.xml. Exposed all of the new
"set" and several other "get" methods to the Python layer.

- Added an "edited" property to the CvInfoBase class to denote the different
info objects that have been edited.

- Added the isValidTechPrereq method to the CvTechInfo class that returns true
if a tech can be a prereq tech for a tech, false otherwise.

-----===Credits & Thanks===-----

- Exavier
     Composite Mod - readme.txt format

- Dr Elmer Jiggle
     For providing the INI file parser code allowing for players to
     customize this mod without having to touch the python code!!!

- Testers
     Jeckel, Aussie_Lurker, GraveEatr and Shqype
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