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Wildlife v. 1 2016-10-05

Wildlife v. 1

  1. Androrc the Orc
    This mod adds a spawn system for animals, as well as a wolf unit which takes advantage of that system.

    With this system, based on the code Firaxis did for Civilization IV animals, animals can spawn on their native terrains and features: the wolf which is included in this mod can spawn in forests and (unfeatured) tundra and snow. Animals do not spawn in tiles already owned by a player.

    A new game define value, "UNOWNED_TILES_PER_GAME_ANIMAL", controls the quantity of animals spawned: a higher value means less animals spawned, while a lower one means more animals spawned. The lowest value that "UNOWNED_TILES_PER_GAME_ANIMAL" should be set to is 1.

    Credits to Kwadjh for the wolf unit graphics and icon.


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