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  1. fairmanfour

    Irish Civilisation and Alien Invasion! Mode

    So I had another idea about a new game mode that could be introduced, and it's actually one I had ages ago after playing a lot of Civilization Revolution on the PS3, but now I've fleshed it out. Any suggestions and amendments on balancing are welcome, and if anyone wants to make a mod of this...
  2. tfiggatt

    Colonize Pern - based on the Anne McCaffrey books

    Just posted a mod I've been working on for a bit, which enables you to play as the Pern settlers: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1902541581 Includes: -The Pernese settlers sponsor, led by Governor Emily Boll -Dragons! Yes, a flying dragon unit -The AIVAS wonder -A...
  3. J

    Alien invasion of earth

    The last time I played civ 2 was in some variant where Aliens were one of the seven civs. You could even play as the aliens on that planet map instead of earth. When your ship reaches Alpha Centauri you had to duke it out with the aliens to finish the game. I thought it would be fun to play...
  4. Vuldacon

    New Unit: Alien Egg Plant - Nov. 18, 2017

    Alien Egg Plants are invading! The Alien Egg Plant can kill humans with their extremely powerful acid spit and can be Airdropped with their Spaceship that Beams them down. This unit also comes with all image files for the "Alien Transport Station II" Improvement. It is intended to go with my...
  5. Vuldacon

    New Unit - Alien, October 20, 2017

    The Aliens are invading! This Alien comes with his Pulse Energy Gun to Blast and Kill his enemies. You can also Airdrop the Alien with a Spaceship that Beams him down. This Unit also comes with all image files for the "Alien Invasion" Great Wonder and the "Alien Transport Station"...
  6. Vuldacon

    Alien Alien 1.1

    The Aliens are invading! This Alien Unit has all flcs, sounds, images and comes with a ReadMe file. Ready to place in your Game. Also included are all images needed for an Alien Great Wonder and improvement. This Alien carries a Pulse Energy Gun to Attack his enemies and the Alien can be...
  7. SOTD43: Proof Of Alien Contact With The Ancients!

    SOTD43: Proof Of Alien Contact With The Ancients!

    So, I was playing in the Ancient age... and I got this Great Spy, and I build the scotland yard with it. It appears that the Ancients hired some Alien help to build it. Or maybe this is just the Ancient Tower of Babel. (It IS in Babylon.)
  8. Mars Attacks!

    Mars Attacks!

    Mankind and Martians fight each other with UFOs. I took this with a mod I was making for BTS called Planet Colonization.
  9. Alien Railroads and Farmland

    Alien Railroads and Farmland

    A majestic view of a small part of the glorious Gazpichi empire.
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