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Irish Civilisation and Alien Invasion! Mode


Dec 3, 2020
So I had another idea about a new game mode that could be introduced, and it's actually one I had ages ago after playing a lot of Civilization Revolution on the PS3, but now I've fleshed it out. Any suggestions and amendments on balancing are welcome, and if anyone wants to make a mod of this, have at it!

Alien Invasion! Mode

A new game mode that can be toggled during the set-up of a new game that introduces a unique Emergency that will arise in the Information Era - Alien Invaders!

The presence of alien life will be felt throughout the game, with the discovery of “Mysterious Crash Sites”, which will work similarly to Comet Strikes, only they will provide bonuses such as Tech Boosts and Eurekas and, if you’re lucky enough, a “Mysterious Artefact”, which can fit in a generic Great Work Slot like those in the Palace. But when placed in a new “Analysis Slot” in the Research Lab (available via a project unlocked with Nuclear Fission), these “Mysterious Artefacts” will provide a unique bonus similar to the Products in the “Monopolies and Corporations” Mode, such as “+10% Science yield in this city”.

At some point during the Information Era, the aliens will appear, triggering a global Emergency. The Mothership will spawn wherever they is the largest available land that hasn’t been claimed by a civilisation; if all land has already been claimed, it will spawn in unclaimed ocean; if all of the ocean is claimed, the aliens will take over the city with the largest population, regardless of who it belongs to. The landing site of the Mothership will determine how the human civilisations can take it out; if on land, the humans can use land and air combat units to attack, if at sea, they must use naval and air combat units. The Mothership is immune to WMDs.

The arrival of the Alien Mothership will trigger the “Alien Invasion Emergency” at the World Congress. All ongoing wars are cancelled so that the human race can unite to fight off the aliens. However, all civilisations must vote on whether they will join the United Front. If they vote yes, they will join the United Front and fight the aliens with the other civilisations that voted yes. If they vote no, it means they have allied themselves WITH the aliens, and will fight the rest of the human race alongside them. This is an opportunity for them to take over the world with a powerful benefactor, but will mean that they will have to fight the aliens alone once all other civilisations are conquered, and if the aliens lose, any civilisations that allied with them will be branded as “Traitors to the Human Race”, which carries heavy Grievances and Diplomatic Penalty. So if you choose this option, you’d better be sure you can win.

In each game, the alien race will be randomised, with four species that will invade;

The Alpha Centurions
A fast paced species consisting mainly of Light Cavalry units, with a high movement speed and the ability to move after attacking, but is vulnerable to ranged attacks.

The Technoborgs
A sentient robot race that is slow moving and vulnerable to flanking, but has a larger health bar and attack strength.

The X-Communicated
A bug-eyed species that specialises in ranged combat and gains XP faster, but is vulnerable to melee attacks.

The Body Stealers
An extremely fast and elusive race that can convert enemy units to their side, but has a lower health bar.

In addition to these base bonuses and penalties, the Alien Invaders will receive a random ability, such as “+1 Movement to all units” or “+5 Combat Strength vs. Melee Units”, which will change how they will play each time you encounter them in a new game.


To accompany the Alien Invasion! Mode, there would be new wonders introduced to the game.

Area 51
+3 Analysis Slots for Mysterious Artefacts (if Alien Invasion! Mode is active).
+3 Relic Slots (if Alien Invasion! Mode is inactive).
+15% Production towards Units in this city.
Must be built on a Desert tile adjacent to an Aerodrome.

Aperture Spherical Telescope

+2 Sight to all units.
+10% Science in this city.
Must be built on a Hill tile adjacent to a Campus and a Mountain tile.

Wycliffe Well
+5 Gold, +2 Culture in this city.
Grants +2 Alien Memorabilia, a unique luxury that provides +4 Amenities.
Must be built on a Desert tile.

Tianzi Mountains (Natural Wonder)
Three tile Wood wonder.
Occupying units receive +5 Defence Strength and 2 turns of fortification.
+2 Food, +2 Science, +2 Appeal to adjacent tiles.

Socotra Archipelago (Natural Wonder)
One tile Coast wonder.
+3 Science, +3 Faith.
Gain +1 Great Writer Point in the city that owns this wonder.

El Enladrillado (Natural Wonder)
One tile Mountain wonder.
+2 Science, +2 Production.
+1 Production to adjacent tiles.

Ireland, led by Niall Noigiallach
To accompany this mode, a new civilisation and leader is included that benefits from participation in Emergency Wars. (Adapted ideas from EnigmaConundrum’s Ireland Mod)

Civilisation Ability: Saints and Scholars
Districts adjacent to a Theatre Square or an Abbey generate +1 of their respective Great Person Point. This is doubled when participating in an Emergency War.

Leader Ability: Book of the Conquered
Units adjacent to a friendly Theatre Square or Abbey gain +2 Combat Strength. Combat victories grant Culture equal to 40% of the Combat Strength of the defeated unit. These yields are doubled when participating in an Emergency War.

Unique Unit: Rapparee
Replaces the Pike and Shot. Slightly weaker than the Pike and Shot, but has an additional movement point. Gains +4 Defensive Strength when occupying feature tiles (Woods, Rainforests, Marshes).

Unique District: Abbey
Replaces the Holy Site. May attack and defend. Shrines and Temples have +1 Great Work Slot.

Leader Agenda: Of the Nine Hostages
Likes those who have high culture and faith output and participate in Emergencies. Dislikes those with a strong military that don’t participate in Emergencies.
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