SOTD43: Proof Of Alien Contact With The Ancients!

So, I was playing in the Ancient age... and I got this Great Spy, and I build the scotland yard with it. It appears that the Ancients hired some Alien help to build it. Or maybe this is just the Ancient Tower of Babel. (It IS in Babylon.)

SOTD43: Proof Of Alien Contact With The Ancients!
Musketeer935, Dec 22, 2009
    • dcmort93
      I've noticed this in all of my games with espionage when I get the Great Spy
    • Highwayhoss
      Either Aliens or a time traveling architect..:D
    • Musketeer935
      They should really fix that. :p
    • GoodGame
      Good looking. It ought to be a ziggaraut instead no?
    • McThomas
      a very bad one that is :)
    • deanej
      I noticed that on the frontpage it was said that settling great spies is better than building Scotland Yard. Not quite true, assuming we're talking about the capital. Don't forget the +4 from the palace! After settling your first great spy in the capital, you get more benefit from building Scotland Yard than settling a second (+16 vs. +12, in addition to getting +24 for each future settled great spy).
    • Saiko
      Whoa finally another SOTD
    • Matrix
      Oh, so that's Scotland Yard!! I always wondered how that modern building kept appearing in lesser advanced cities. I thought it was a bug.
    • Vortilex
      Is this in LoR? Anyway, looks like Babylon was helped by ancient aliens! After all, what about that Baghdad battery? (anyone here know what I'm talking about?) That's how they powered Scotland Yard! :D
    • Aquila SPQR
      "After all, what about that Baghdad battery? (anyone here know what I'm talking about?)"

      Actually it's not a battery. The fact that few people want to see a modern thing in an ancient thing just to write a book about it and earn some money do not mean that ancients actually knew what an electricity is and knew how to build and use batteries. The cases of Battery from Bagdhad or Dendera lightbulbs are hoaxes - totally ridiculous theories which can spread across internet very quickly and gain much popularity among teenagers who think something like this - "wow,it's so cool so it has to be true! I don't care about archeologists point of view, Daeniken said that archeologists are dumb and I believe him even when I do not have an idea about archeology". I am very interested in archeology and can assure you - there was no batteries, lightbulbs and other "super modern" things in ancient times :)
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