1. King Phaedron

    Evolving Civs and Leaders - Aztec to Mexico, Cherokee to America

    I have several ideas here. Please read and add your own ideas. (Evolving Civs and Leaders game mode summary) 1. Evolving Civs, as in the whole Civilization becomes another one when the world enters the Industrial age. 2. Evolving Leaders, as in Frederick Barbarosa trades his medieval armor for...
  2. Predator145

    Medieval Castles/Fortresses from Kyriakos' city and terrain graphics

    Another copy paste job from Kyriakos' excellent city and terrain graphics. Terrain improvements and city improvements are available. As construction technology improved throughout ancient age, very heavy and expensive fortifications emerged to augment already formidable city walls. These...
  3. Predator145

    Ancient Forts from Kyriakos' city graphics

    More copy and paste jobs from Kyriakos' city graphics to be converted to terrain and city improvements. They were made for my personal consumption and filling in the gaps that no one has covered. Forts were common fixed fortifications. They were larger than fortified towers but smaller than...
  4. Blake00

    Antigonos o Monophtalmos Scenario (MGE) 1.0

    About: A scenario with cool graphics covering the Greek succession wars following Alexander's death by Prometeus. Mod files rescued from Atomic Network backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Also Prometeus's Title.gif had palette conversion issues so Blake fixed...
  5. Blake00

    Wars of the Mediterranean Scenario (MGE) 2.31

    About: An excellent Roman conquest scenario on a huge European map by Paul Mutica. Hosted by the Scenario League. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. File added to this area as part of Blake's lost scenario/mod files restoration & cataloging project which can be found here...
  6. Matsuda123

    Ainu Itaomachip 2022-01-27

    I forgot to finish this up and officially upload it, but here it is. I modeled it, MightyToad rigged, skinned, and animated it. :) Uses ancient fishing boat animations. Nif 1 is with the crane system, Nif 2 is without, depending on what you want.
  7. R

    MISCELLANEOUS - Rerendered - Bronze material corrected 2021-09-23

    Small pack with re-rendered units to replace few from Bronze and Iron unit pack, mainly those with big bronze plates where bronze material did not look good enough.
  8. R

    Theban Sacred Band 2021-04-29

    Theban Sacred Band
  9. R

    Mercenaries Unit Pack 2021-04-08

  10. R

    Kart Hadasht Unit Pack 2021-04-08

  11. Matsuda123

    Ancient Japanese Worker 2021-03-27

    Finally, a new Asian worker unit! :) This time, it is a Japanese worker for the ancient period. This one in particular is from the Yayoi period. So it won't do for Jomon or Ainu stuff, but I'll get to that later most likely. Thanks to MightyToad for skinning and rigging, Bakuel for the...
  12. Matsuda123

    Curragh 2021-03-23

    Miss the Curragh from Civ III? Well, now you can use it again in Civ IV, in 3D. :) Thanks to MightyToad for rigging, skinning, and basic texture. I modeled the ship and prettied it up. But really I can't do much without MightyToad, so remember him. Thanks to the Irish for the ship, and Civ III...
  13. sman1975

    Playtesters Needed for "SMAN's The Ancient World at War"

    Hello, I've recently published a mod, and could really use some help testing it. The mod itself is quite stable, but it adds a LOT of content to the game, so getting all of these new things properly balanced will take the evaluation and perspective of as many players as I can get. Here is a...
  14. Matsuda123

    Sino Warrior 2020-12-20

    A flavor unit to give you a more historically accurate Xia Dynasty Warrior unit for all Sino derived culture groups. MightyToad did the skinning and rigging, while I finished up the textures and modeled the unit. :) More great teamwork making units for your game.
  15. sman1975

    SMAN's The Ancient World at War (AWAW)

    Greetings, This is a collaboration post for an upcoming project. The AWAW will extensively rework the Ancient, Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Eras, and will be the bookend companion to my "SMAN's The World at War" family of mods, cf...
  16. hrochland

    High_Court_Ancient 2020-11-25

  17. Louis the XIV

    [MOD] Historia Vincit

    I'm Sorry to announce that I have given up this mod, also after the 1.4 Update it has a lot of the civs don't have UU's because of a bug. If anyone wants to use anything from this mod they are free to do so. If you are interested in another project by me check out Rhye's and Fall of Spain. Of...
  18. Louis the XIV

    Historia Vincit 1.4

    I'm sorry to announce that I have given up working on this mod because I took up a new project that takes up more time, and the 1.4 version has too many bugs. This is Historical Mod I have been working on for months. (Pics Below) Thread Link with detailed explanation: Discussion Thread...
  19. Matsuda123

    Japanese Spearman 2020-07-19

    I've admired the spearman from the Civ III Sengoku Jidai scenario for many years, and now it is finally in Civ IV too. :) This spearman is a proper replacement for Japan. It is from the Yayoi period. Mightytoad did the animations and rigging, as well as the skinning. I did the modeling and...
  20. Matsuda123

    "What If" Haida Galley 1.0

    Another in the line of "What if" units. :) This time I worked with the great MightyToad on texturing and rigging. He rigged the model and applied the base texture, which I then completed. We will do a lot more work in the future together. :) Expect more great units soon!
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