1. AvRand

    [BTS] Octavian and Antony Scenario

    Just a thingy I did I figured i'd upload Civs: Octavian-WestRome (Augustus Caeser of Rome) Mark Antony-East Rome (Julius Caeser of Rome) Lepidus-South Rome (Alexander of Rome) Cleopatra VII-Ptolemaic Egypt [Vassal of Marc Antony] (Hatshepsut of Greece) Juba II-Client Kingdom of Mauretania...
  2. pie_at

    Pie's Ancient Europe V Patch 4

    The fourth patch of PAE V changes some more BTS elements again and will cause very new gaming experiences. Besides of all changes of Patch 3 there is a new trading system in buying and selling regional goods, the cultivation of grain and livestock and the new hierarchy promotions of Roman...
  3. Arkatakor

    Ancient Techs Rebalanced (Vox Populi) 1.2

    I have had for quite a while a mod that modifies the ancient era by adding hunting, fishing, mysticism, stone tools and wood working. Monument and shrine buildings require these new techs and scouts / pathfinders require hunting. New buildings include furrier, carpenter, fish traps, apiary and...
  4. Doomturtle

    StartingBuildings for the ancient era

    I am trying to have every city start with my custom building that effectively acts like free ancient walls. I can do this by inserting a line into StartingBuildings for my building in the ancient era: INSERT INTO StartingBuildings (Building, Era, District) VALUES ('BUILDING_EPN_CITY_DEFENSES'...
  5. Hrothbern

    Ancient hominins & humans: new findings and insights

    Purpose of the thread is to be able to post all kinds of interesting info matching with the title. "In saliva, scientists have found hints that a "ghost" species of archaic humans may have contributed genetic material to ancestors of people living in Sub-Saharan Africa today. The research adds...
  6. M

    [Civ2] New well-thought out scenario

    Hi there, I have created and playtested a Civ2 scenario that I would like to share with you. It is designed to be played by the Chinese Tung faction, and you are sent on a mission to create a new Dynasty in a remote part of the empire. (Un)fortunately this part of the empire is teaming with...
  7. christos200

    [RD] Ask a Greek about Greek history

    As the thread's title says, I am Greek. I study History and Archaeology in Uni (and hopefully I will major in Byzantine History). I will answer questions people have about Greek history. The periods in Greek history are Ancient (Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic), Byzantine and Modern. The period...
  8. Morpheuskibbe

    Wall Bug New (Not a Bug)

    I've seen some bug reports with respect to not being able to build walls (its greyed out and not clickable) im having a similar issue with slightly different symptoms medieval walls aren't even an option. grayed or otherwise. See image. city has ancient wall and no option to build medieval...
  9. Mosile

    Mosile's Half-fast Icons.

    Hello, I am Mosile and here are a bunch of icons I made n Photoshop. Feel free to use in any potential mods you will be making. They aren't masterpieces and are mostly just stuff i find on google photoshopped to look like Civ icons. Air Brigade Brig of War Flailman Tank Destoryer...
  10. SOTD43: Proof Of Alien Contact With The Ancients!

    SOTD43: Proof Of Alien Contact With The Ancients!

    So, I was playing in the Ancient age... and I got this Great Spy, and I build the scotland yard with it. It appears that the Ancients hired some Alien help to build it. Or maybe this is just the Ancient Tower of Babel. (It IS in Babylon.)
  11. Ancient Tech Tree from my mod

    Ancient Tech Tree from my mod

    As you can see it's not very different from the default one. It just adds some extra stuff. That's how i like it. :) Oh, i am told i have to tell from which mod the pic was taken: It's from My mod
  12. Ancient Wonders

    Ancient Wonders

    Seven wonders of the ancient world
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