Medieval Castles/Fortresses from Kyriakos' city and terrain graphics


May 22, 2020
Another copy paste job from Kyriakos' excellent city and terrain graphics. Terrain improvements and city improvements are available.

As construction technology improved throughout ancient age, very heavy and expensive fortifications emerged to augment already formidable city walls. These fortresses were reserved for the most fortified urban centers. Being urban fortresses, they are called "citadels". They were often built as part of the wall (like Constantinople's Yedikule fortress being built into the Golden gate of the Theodosian wall). Being built at the center prevented the administration from escaping or resupplying in the case of internal revolt.

During the medieval feudal age in western Europe and Japan, the countryside too was fortified heavily by the local nobility. These fortifications were called "castles". They served as a fortified residence of local noble lord, military base and administrative center. Centralized powers like the Eastern Roman, Islamic and Chinese empires strongly discouraged/banned this practice, as these rural bases of nobility power would greatly diminish central authority. It was far easier to ensure the loyalty of fortified urban population to the central government. Their countryside fortifications were called "fortresses" as they housed no nobility and were purely military installations.

Since they're built in cities, I call them "Citadels" in game. They're the heaviest ancient and medieval defense improvements. They cost 40 shields, no maintenance and require a barracks, a fort (40s with tourism), fortified walls (40s with tourism) to be built. In total, these improvements combined give you a 50% def bonus (5%+15%+15%+15%) on top of the 50% bonus of pop 7 and above for a 120 shields investment. The tourist attraction flag ensures that the AI doesn't get punished for building them in their core. It's also a buff to the Militaristic trait as they get a discount. The large number of def improvements also gives PTW style artillery something to hit. Bombarding with catapults in ancient age PTW style thus feel rewarding and fun instead of frustrating.

Screenshot (988).png

Many video games simply use Meso American pyramids for their heaviest fortifications. But these pyramids while having been recorded to be used as citadels by the Mayans, they were not purposedly built for such a task. All the defender enjoyed was the height of an artificial hill with no dedicated fighting positions. So I simply pasted the American fort on top of the pyramid. Now you have a fort on top of a masonry coated motte. A bit of a what if. But they certainly had the masonry skills to do that.!d
Imagine this with fighting towers.

The Western European fortress/castle is the excellent English castle. Kyriakos already made both terrain and city improvement versions so I just put it in there for download convenience. It was this and the Japanese Castle that made me wanna have the rest of the culture groups.

The Medi fortress/castle is a refined version from the one I made months ago. It is copy pasted from Kyriakos' ancient Greek fortresses. Inspiration is from Torrechiara castle in Italy.

The Middle Eastern fortress is Kyriakos' round tower castle. I simply added the extra layer of walls to have it match the Western European one. I also gave it a paint job (I kept the white-washed one for the civilopedia because it works better on the green background). Inspiration for the paint job comes from the citadels in Cairo and Alexandria.

IMO alternate paint job looks better in game and gives it a "middle eastern feel". Although the Egyptians may very well have whitewashed their fortifications back then. Alternate 32x32 provided so you can choose one to your taste.

The Eastern Asian one is put together from Kyriakos' Mongol city graphics. These are much more typical of what the Chinese, Mongols and Korean would have built than a Japanese style castle. In the sinosphere, the heaviest fortification were the gates of the city wall. Walls were built extremely thick so attacking the gate was the only way to breach them. Gates and wall corners were armed with large "archery towers". They were huge considering these were pure combat installations. To trap the attackers in a kill a zone, barbicans were used.

For the sake of aesthetics, I made them as standalone structures. I tried having walls extending to the sides, but it didn't look as good in game. Also, for terrain improvements, they need to stand alone.


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