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  1. H

    Do vampires take strength from corps and army?

    The Vampire sets it's strength equal to the strongest unit you've ever made. Does that include corps and army?
  2. H

    How to counter The Zulu and Mongols

    I was playing on Emporer difficulty and going for a domination victory. I was playing Gilgamesh and thought I was doing well until I was attacked by the Mongols on one side and the Zulu on the other. They kept producing army and corps one after another and even after defeating a bunch of them...
  3. BuchiTaton

    Customizable districts and armies for CIV7

    For CIV 7 the hexagonal tiles have the potential to show one of many designated graphical variation for districts and armies based on the customized selection of 6 buildings by district and 6 units by army (all this based on the division of one hexagon on six triangles). So the idea is not to...
  4. Ares de Borg

    Mexica (Aztec) Army 2021-03-03

    Two different Aztec Army units by ShiroKubbure. Mexica captains and high-ranking units wore various, sometimes enormous, back ornaments made of bark paper, cloth and feathers. They were secured to a cane back-rack which in turn was tied across the chest with leather straps.
  5. bostonbongrips

    Corps/Fleet/Army/Armada Icons not showing up

    I know this was a bug a while back but for some reason it started happening to me again. After completing the Nationalism civic the icon to create fleets and corps doesn't show up in my UI. I checked the UnitCommand xml file, it reads: <Row CommandType="UNITCOMMAND_FORM_CORPS"...
  6. Bandenere

    Suggestion: Units upkeep/maintenence

    Hallo everyone, after playing many time COLONIZATION 1994, up to recent days, i found out this marvellous mod that made me reconsider sid meier's civilization 4 colo that i always ignored, preferring the old game. From the first few hours of gameplay i've noticed some wonderful ideas taken, i...
  7. King Phaedron

    Navy vs Army, Marines, AirForce

    Playing my 3rd and 4th game of Civ5 (King Level) one with islands, the other on land; I wound up doing a detailed comparison on the effect of playing a pure Navy game vs an Army game. The Land game was Shoeshone on Lakes, where I mainly used Tanks with full honor and Order. For the Navy game I...

    Please Explain benefits of Corps and Armies

    Since I can't find anything defining them in Civopedia I thought I'd ask here. Now, I can see that joining 2 units (corps) then adding a 3rd (army) increased both the offensive and defensive strengths but doesn't seem to allow multiple attacks as one would expect from prior Civ releases. At...
  9. Terracotta Army

    Terracotta Army

    Civ V Wonders: Concept Art
  10. Mongol Horde

    Mongol Horde

    This might be a problem...
  11. Tanks Of Justice

    Tanks Of Justice

    Check the game with longest cultural victory, this one is from it. All Africa was wiped out with nuclear weapons and the cities destroyed.
  12. Surprise Failure

    Surprise Failure

    Such an army and loss.. damn :)
  13. Red Sun

    Red Sun

    This is my way to play my favorite game - nuclear way :)
  14. Ready To War

    Ready To War

    This is me preparing to war with mighty Russians
  15. Incan Army

    Incan Army

    An army of Cavalry
  16. Army of Legions

    Army of Legions

  17. Victorious Army

    Victorious Army

  18. Archer Army

    Archer Army

    An army of archers
  19. Civilopedia - Army

    Civilopedia - Army

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