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bug report

  1. @

    (help needed) ai don't improve resources

    so I play multiple time with these mods and settings and it appears that other player (AIs) almost totally neglect building any improvement on resources. Anyone can help? mods list: community patch v 117 vox populi v. 16 VP eui compatibility v. 1 ui promotion tree v 22 vp community events V8...
  2. TyrannusRex

    ( Graphical glitch occurring with most major in-game actions

    My machine: HP Laptop Model 17-by3065st Intel Core i5 10th Gen Windows 10 After installing today's Portugal Pack and starting a new game, I began experiencing a recurrent graphical glitch, consisting of a tannish-colored flash obscuring the Civics menu for less than a second, almost as if the...
  3. Quindorrian

    [GS] Sept 10th Patch Bugs

    So, the September 10th Patch has apparently really screwed up the game for us Mac users. I have submitted a bug report to Firaxis/2K in the hopes that they issue a quick patch, but I wanted to list the confirmed bugs I've found so far. Interested to see if you've all encountered the same bugs...
  4. M

    No social policy selectable

    I am on CIV V mac version 64 bit Often the game progress to a point where I am asked to select a new social policy but no one is selectable. At this point I have no alternative than to abandon the game. Since there is not a way out of this situation, I think it is a bug. Is there a fix for this...
  5. S

    End Turn Failed - Error Code 17

    I've been playing a lot of Play by Cloud multiplayer. It's awesome and been pretty stable...except I've run into this issue twice now. When I try to end my turn an alert appears that says End Turn Failed, gives me an error code 17, and tells me to check my Internet connection. My connection is...
  6. A

    Huge, Major Bug

    This bug has been there all along and has never yet been dealt with. Selecting a specific win type, or victory conditions, does nothing at all. I can de-select all other win type scenarios, leaving only domination as the one victory type for the match and the AI (other leaders) seems to have...
  7. C

    [] Can't start a single player game on Ubuntu 18.0.4

    Expectation: That one should be able to start a normal Civ VI game after booting Civ up and selecting the appropriate menu option. What happened: Booted Civ VI from Steam. Hit Single Player -> Create Game -> optionally edit game settings or use default configs -> Start Game -> the game either...
  8. C

    Pantheon Bug

    There is a bug in the Pantheon Goddes of Nature. For reference the effects of Goddes of nature is +1 to faith, gold, and food for every 2 mountains within 2 tiles of your city , and +2 culture and +3 faith to natural wonder The bug is that the +2 culture and +3 faith applies to all coast tiles...
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