(help needed) ai don't improve resources


Jun 4, 2023
so I play multiple time with these mods and settings and it appears that other player (AIs) almost totally neglect building any improvement on resources. Anyone can help?

mods list:
community patch v 117
vox populi v. 16
VP eui compatibility v. 1
ui promotion tree v 22
vp community events V8
civ6AdditionEureka v3
enhanced air warfare 4vp v1
more unique comp v85
enlightenment era V8
more wonders for VP v1
better lakes for VP v2
civic and reform v19
enhanced naval warfare v2
global warming v7
monopoly buildings for VP v3
sukritact's event and decision v3
unique city states V6
vp bare necessities V10
world Congress reformation v11

victory types: science, domination, cultural, diplomatic
raging barbs
enable events
enable research agreement
no tech brokering
transparent diplomacy
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