1. F

    Play as Bulgarian mod (Civ1 474.05) Civ1 474.05

    Civ Bulgarian version 474.05 v1 also known as Civ-BG, Civ-Bulgarian, Civ-Sweden, Civ-Tatar, Civ-Joseon, Civ-Mayan, Civ-American Indian This is Civilization1's mod., based on japon's mod. from Ifrit9 of civ1, where wonders have japon names, so I changed them further: Kentoushi -> Pandora.s Box...
  2. Blake00

    CivNET Widescreen Patch 1995-01-01

    An unofficial fan made patch for the final 1.0.2 version of CivNET that adds modern Widescreen and high resolutions support. Author unknown but patch came from WideScreen Gaming Forum. This patch requires CivNET version 1.0.2. Original patch documentation --------- About: This patch changes...
  3. Blake00

    Demonstration source & extraction tools for CivWIN 2008-03-20

    A series of demonstration utility tools created by @honza.havlicek that allow the extraction, conversion and importing of assets into Civilization 1 for Windows. Honza used his tools to create the excellent DOS graphics for CivWIN mod. Original Description...
  4. Blake00

    CivNET Patch 3

    The final official Microprose patch 3 for Sid Meier's CivNET multiplayer updating it to v1.0.2 Official patch documentation --------- CivNet version 1.0.2 -- 3/14/96 ** This is a FULL patch, no other patches are needed. ** File List: civnet.exe, civeng0.dll, civeng1.dll, civger0.dll...
  5. Blake00

    CivWIN Patch v2

    The final official Microprose v2 patch for the Windows version of Sid Meier's Civilization 1 updating it to v1.2.0 There is no official documentation provided.
  6. Blake00

    CivDOS Updated Sound Drivers 1.0

    The official Microprose sound drivers update patch for the DOS version of Sid Meier's Civilization 1 adding support for many more sound devices including General MIDI. Official patch documentation --------- New sound drivers for Civilization Due to the continued popularity of MicroProse's best...
  7. Blake00

    CivDOS Patch v5

    The final official Microprose v5 patch for the DOS version of Sid Meier's Civilization 1 updating it to v474.05 (if disk) and v475.05 (if CD). There is no official documentation provided.
  8. Blake00

    The CivNET Killer Beta 3

    A fan made program to unload CivNET assets after a crash by Greg Dunlap. Probably not required on modern systems but may still be needed if playing in a virtual machine with an old OS. There is no official documentation however this information was in the About window: --------- The Civnet...
  9. Blake00

    Civilization 1 Box Cover Images (CivDOS, CivWIN, CivNET, Consoles)

    Hey guys, I was just thinking we should keep a record here on CivFanatics of some of the box covers that the various versions of Civ1 had. There's of course many variants out there due to different regions and re-releases so I've tried to pick the most common ones, however it looks like there's...
  10. Blake00

    Using WineVDM to play windows versions of Civilization I or old Civ1 fan programs

    Been meaning to post about this one for a while & I think I've seen others mention it here in comments but it's time to post something more obvious and official about this! Even if you're not a regular Linux user many of us have probably heard of Wine before which allows Linux users to play...
  11. Nathiri

    An Easy-To-See Display of Activity for Earlier Civ Games

    Hey I was wondering if there could be a small easy-to-read area where it showed activity in the forum pages of the earlier Civ games to show there are topics/mods/files being posted, so one would not have to look through sub-sections and that or subscribe to those sections on a regular basis...
  12. GoldBerg

    Civilization 1 - Adventure Walkthrough Story

    i just found this maybe blogs are the best format for posting civ1 civDOS savegame stories...
  13. Graph


    This is a cost of maintaining every tile a city has in relation to its city size assuming 8 base upkeep (marketplace 1, library 1, bank 3, university 3), 2 born contents, Bach, and Michelangelo. From Urtica dioica's findings.
  14. TerraForm Map & Scenario Editor for Civ1 DOS

    TerraForm Map & Scenario Editor for Civ1 DOS

    12 years after the release of Sid Meier's Civilization "Build An Empire To Stand The Test Of Time" in 2005 programmed MAP and Scenario Editor. Go to
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