1. Blake00

    Multithreading & 64bit memory access to increase Civ4's speed in large games?

    Hey guys, Apologies if this is a dumb question and I've missed something obvious in my searches but the topic came up in conversation elsewhere and I remember people using the 64bit 4GB patch tool on Civ4 (EDIT: Steam & GoG copies come pre-patched for 4GB & don't need this) and getting...
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] Completely puzzled by this map. I have tried multiple strategies and can't figure it out

    So I've been playing this immortal map for a while now and I'm just puzzled. I can't seem to break out no matter what I try and after rage-quitting several times, I realized I need some professional help here lol. I have both attached the current file and the 4000 BC one for anyone who wants...
  3. danjuno

    Biggest city you've gotten?

    I was reading through Kylearan's old blog and noticed his AAR on a Realms Beyond Epic that involved getting the most population as HC. He ended up getting Huamanga to 48! I'd be lucky to have the patience to micromanage a city to half that size! :lol: So, to the folks of CFC here in the present...
  4. A

    Wrong post

  5. A

    how to create changing flags in civ IV

    CHi, I'm thinking about creating a mod about the history from 1910 to 2023. I thought to myself, but then flags changed as well as leaders and names of countries. Germany will be an example.In the early 1910s germanu was Prussia which had two black lines at the bottom and top and a coat of arms...
  6. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    [Vanilla] [Graphic] Civ4 Rifleman in Civ6.

    Is this a correct representations of Civ4 Rifleman in Civ6 This showcase is one of the nearly 'brainless' modding project, Body and legs are rigged Fieldcannon crew asset while shako is simplified and reskinned GS Hungarian Hussars headdress. I don't quite understand why in previous Civ games...
  7. Matsuda123

    United Forces Battleship 2022-03-31

    The United Forces Battleship from The Legend of Korra. While I dislike the show compared to Avatar, this design was really great, and so I thought it would make for a useful Asian battleship flavor unit. Thanks to MightyToad for rigging, skinning, and animating. I made the model and prettied up...
  8. Matsuda123

    Ainu Itaomachip 2022-01-27

    I forgot to finish this up and officially upload it, but here it is. I modeled it, MightyToad rigged, skinned, and animated it. :) Uses ancient fishing boat animations. Nif 1 is with the crane system, Nif 2 is without, depending on what you want.
  9. S

    Advanced Civ Plus

    This is literally based on the existed mod: "Advanced Civ" It contains new arts, units, buildings, trait, civs and etc. Like I said on the download page, if you have any suggestion, just leave comments on this thread.
  10. S

    Advanced Civ Plus 2021-12-26

    Advanced Civ Plus 0.1v This mod is based on AdvCiv 1.03v: Expansion of the mod Only English is supported. New Techs New Leaders & Civs Unique art styles New bonuses And more: total 3 of UB/UUs for each civilization If you have any opinion on balance, or others, leave comments...
  11. Piquito2223

    [BTS] Who should I attack first?

    I'm playing as the Romans on Deity. I have low relationship with everyone and I happen to border Montezuma, Saladin and Huang. I know Montezuma is very aggressive and he's going to attack me eventually. But the same can be said about Huang and Saladin. Ragnar is also close to me. I could try...
  12. SaibotLieh

    [LH] Himiko 2021-10-21

    This leaderhead is a converted model from Atlantica Online, the hair is a modified model from the Fallout 3 Sarem Hair mod. Therefore, while modifications of the models and artwork were made by me, I take no credit for both and all rights are with NDOORS Corporation and Sarem. This leaderhead...
  13. <Nexus>

    Chronicles of Mankind 1.2 "Criminal Update" 2021-10-11

    No, seriously! This new version has so much new that it is criminal.:trouble: And with "so much" what I mean is not the long changelog. No, the most important changes are summed up in this one sentence: LOTS OF BUGFIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS REGARDING THE AI, PERFORMANCE AND OTHER THINGS, THANKS TO...
  14. Matsuda123

    Jōmon Warrior 2021-09-21

    Get yourself a unique Japanese Warrior unit, or perhaps unique barbarian units for your Japanese civ to fight against in Japan. Model from Bakuel and modified by me, skinning, rigging, and unit picture by Mightytoad, and additional texturing by me.
  15. Thirteen 1355

    Adding two Humankind features

    Hey, it's been a while since I've last checked/posted here. Now that I'm back into Civ4 again, and I've been trying some Humankind (and found some cool features in it), I was wondering if I could add some of its features into Civ4. The two things I'd like to add (or get close to) are...
  16. Matsuda123

    Kiribati Spearman 2021-08-11

    A spearman with the most unusual armor. Comes from the island of Kiribati. Thanks to MightyToad for rigging, skinning, and touching up some of the model. :) He did a great job as he always does. I modeled the unit.
  17. Matsuda123

    Mesoamerican Great Bombard 2021-05-16

    Forgot to upload this half of the Meso siege units... MightyToad did a great job on this one. It has custom animations. He skinned and rigged and animated. I created the model and finished up the texture. Original artist the unit is derived from: aztec-cannon.html
  18. E

    Urban "decay" making education rate change negative...

    City Screen -- mousing over education entry -- shows "decay" as the cause / source of the noe negative education modifier. Example: Education (the books icon) " 2371 / -6" Losing 6 education points each turn. Because of "decay." What can I do to address this situation? How do I fix...
  19. Matsuda123

    Curragh 2021-03-23

    Miss the Curragh from Civ III? Well, now you can use it again in Civ IV, in 3D. :) Thanks to MightyToad for rigging, skinning, and basic texture. I modeled the ship and prettied it up. But really I can't do much without MightyToad, so remember him. Thanks to the Irish for the ship, and Civ III...
  20. G

    AI limitations

    I've been re-introduced to the world of CIV4 recently with FF+. I like it a lot but I'm wondering where things ended up in the last update with respect to AI use of units and technologies. I'm playing FF+ 1.84 on top of BtS 3.19. - AI building Starbase: Does this happen? I'm in Expansion...
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